Monday, April 10, 2017

New shades of humiliation ( CFNM , Medical part 17 )

The wait is over! Here is the new medical update. I hope you'll enjoy it and feel for these unfortunate young men...
For my loyal VIPs : I'm going to send you 2 bonus pictures for your collection. Another retro medical one, quite similar in spirit to the other, but a bigger file (actually I didn't know which one would be public and private).
And another one in colour, about these extremely desperate young men who " fell on - insert something weird here - while getting out from the shower ". The Doctor has to remove it, and the Mom who drove him to the Emergency Room looks "a bit" amused and/or embarrassed. Ask your friends who work at hospital for similar stories... I'm just putting reality in picture here!

So that's 4 pictures in total.

I hope to hear from you : )

If not, until the next update!


Sunday, April 2, 2017

NEW Barbara O'Toole's portfolio : feminization, potty training...

Tadaaa!! Another world premiere: I'm proud to introduce Barbara O'Toole latest artworks! 
Another wave of unseen subtile perviness will hit the internet. And I must say it may push further away the standards for male humiliation.
Feminization, potty training in public (not all characters can be seen in these reframed little icons) ...I feel like Barbara is telling to herself the same thing as me when she is starting a new picture " try to imagine the WORST situation ever, try to make the other pictures look politically correct in comparison..."

I love the new ideas, and the attention to details (the 1970s feeling in the top left picture, the severe expression of an Aunt, the grin on the face of a maid...)

To make a donation and add these 10 new pieces to your collection, just write directly to :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

(and me you may ask? What about the promised medical update? Well sorry, now this new Barbara O'Toole announcement needs to stay a bit at the top of this site. And it buys me a few days to re-work a few things (phieeew, how convenient!). When I look at Barb's pictures, I feel you never work enough. But hey, we have never been that close to that medical update!)



Saturday, March 25, 2017

Save all my public medical pictures in one click !!

Next week I plan to release the " Medical part 17 " update.
Yes, 17 already, it's been years I've started this...
So to save you the hassle to dig in the depths of this site for the 16 previous parts, I've gathered them in one single file below.

Handy eh? 

And as I said, next week I'll post a new opus. 1 or 2 public pictures here, and the others for the VIPs.
Do you think I haven't updated often enough these pages lately? (personally, I do)

Have a nice week-end!! 


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some news from Embarrassing Land

Tadaaa!! The new update

Thank you to the (ever growing number of) VIPs. For you it comes with 3 bonus private pictures this time.
- I had requests for more (forced) CFNM at swimming pool. Here it is!
- I wanted to recreate the aesthetics of early 1970s pictures, and holidays. Something "warm". (and CFNM, and very humiliating again)
- the last picture... I just tried to imagine the worst shame possible happening in a household, ever. With the help of J. Wilkins again to find the words that fit with the... situation. You'll tell me if it's spot-on. 

Until next update,
Good luck facing the cold winter,

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This week-end, we'll see how much it costs to own such a wrong magazine. 
In the context of this town and these right people
At some point you have to make a public example, or the virus from the outside world may hit all our young boys in town!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

NEW Barbara O'Toole scenes ( CFNM, spanking...)

Again, I had the honour and pleasure to see these new bittersweet pictures before you all : )  A very good treat for keeping up these pages and spending hours creating my own artworks. This is justice, so don't be jealous please.

The teaser above show partly the original pictures, and are obviously very blurry compared to the originals. But I can describe a bit what is happening in these scenes. 
There are interesting new ideas compared with the other series (*AleX, take notes please!) 
--> the furious sport teacher entering in the boys' lockroom (of course, the door forgot to close before the schoolgirls' eyes). And what does she have in her hand?
--> the boy taking a picture of his supposed impressive penis, right when the family is entering the room. This a good ironic artwork about the " selfie " obsession that is flooding the internet. And regarding these intimate pictures, I guess millions and millions of such pictures have been taken already, so statistically this horrible accident must have happened a few times, at the exact moment when the picture was taken. Except we didn't have the picture until now : )
--> the very young girl learning to spank the very old man
--> the scenes at the beach and swimming pool (the one-piece swimsuit is a fetish of mine)
Personally what I appreciate the most is the casting of female characters, so next-door, and attractive in a bizarre way at the same time. I can gaze for minutes at the accuracy of facial expressions of anger or mockery.
And all this is motivating me to go back to work and create more of course!
Anyway, these pictures are yours if you send a kind message to Barbara, who will tell you how to make the little donation :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

Thank you for supporting her unique subtile embarrassing art, in an Internet full of tacky porn : )

Ok, I better go back working on new artworks myself. Have a nice week-end, good luck with the arrival of winter. Keep watching these pictures at home, it will protect you from the cold!


Sunday, November 20, 2016

A study on Humiliation during the 20th Century

Early 1950s, 60s, early 70s, late 80s... at least, a few minutes of complete humiliation seems to be forever, and stops the run of time. I feel intimately like these moments live pour toujours somewhere in another dimension. It's kind of comforting I think, as this ever-moving time seems to only leads to death... when I just wish to freeze the clock just for one day.

So my dear VIPs (hello and thank you to the new ones! : ) will get the bonus pictures. At some point I thought it would be all-medical, but there is only one of this kind (but a special one, eh? :)  All is F/m, sometimes CFNM.
Thank you to John Wilkins for sometimes correcting my broken English on these pictures.

Also, thank you so much all VIPs for the little contributions, thank you Barb for inspiring me, thank you all viewers for... enjoying, and for the comments from time to time!