Friday, October 30, 2015

Waiting to be called : / ( + vintage countryside and public humiliation at beach)

Cold anger... corner time before spanking.

The happy people who are in my private list will receive the private pictures. One is the return of the Bossy Latino Mom (remember her?) at beach. I hope it will warm up your skin as summer looks far behind now... The other picture is probably inspired by Barb O'Toole's vintage countryside genre, very nice new piece in your collection, if you ask me. I was happy to place it in my own collection anyway, so at least I pleased myself, that's a good start.

Cheers !


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Waiting anxiously for her turn / Medical part 15

Quite a classic picture, but you know I love this genre : " Waiting for her turn ". 
Her older sister told her it's nothing... " don't worry spanking only makes toddlers cry "... and as her older sister is sobbing like a baby, someone is waiting very anxiously. But such is the price for redemption !!

The bonus picture for VIPs is a medical CFNM one, high quality : 650 Ko. And indeed the unfortunate young man must feel this weight on his shoulders : /

Enjoy !!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Man defeated by beauty 2 - 0 (final score)

Hey kids,

I know, I know : you want to see my new creations, I used to post a bunch of new pictures every two weeks or so. But the life outside internet has kept me busy most of the summer. Still : I'm back at work this week-end. Tomorrow or Tuesday I'll share a new variation on the " Waiting for her turn " theme, and I'll send to the VIPs a new private medical picture (CFNM style).
And because I don't want you to click here without saving a beautiful image, maybe you will enjoy like me this piece I've found by Kazak, a Russian artist. 

Cheers !


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Save all public E & Fun pics in one click

This site has been running for more than 4 years now, lots of embarrassing pictures have been posted : )  
(a few old ones embarrass me only because they were not that good technically I think, but it's time to assume all my babies!)

I thought it would be more convenient for some of you to save all the public ones in just one click (see? I care for you) :

I've uploaded a .rar file there

I'm back working on more medical CFNM pervy things : )

Enjoy the day,


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Medical part 14 (CFNM)

 This time the update is for VIPs only, partly because I couldn't decide which one I would make public here.
- Neutrosterone every month is an advertisment for a product that you've seen already in the private pics...
 - The balls palpation exam - no discussion is my fave of all three. It took me much time to capture this instant of helpless and shame, but now it's sealed forever : )
- The black and white private picture is named The " little bird " accident, it will certainly remind you Never touched by a woman before I've posted years ago :

- There was a 4th picture under construction, but I decided it will be in the next bunch. The good news being : " Medical part 15 " will probably come round faster ; )

Cheers! : )    AleX

Friday, August 21, 2015

Something new from Russia

This artist named Ozor Nick draws well and has a personal style isn't it? You can feel the repressive weight of the old Soviet era. 

Anyway, enough women in trouble ! You'll be happy to know that the " Medical part 14 " (mostly CFNM) is almost done. I'll send 3 or 4 new private pictures this week-end. Young males in much trouble, back to the basics ; )



Sunday, August 2, 2015

" Will you ever learn Beatrice ?? "

She may be stubborn, but I really think she is cute.

And John Wilkins saw that too : )

Now I'm back in my secret laboratory working on medical pervy things.

Enjoy the week-end !