Sunday, February 22, 2015

Forced CFNM , vintage discipline , and " Auntyarchy " !

Forced to be volunteer, finally he is useful at something! :)
" Feeling useful may help building his self-esteem ", she said.

Bonus pictures you VIPs fill find in your mailbox in a few minutes :  )
June Cle(a)ver and firm answer : The good old answer to immoral magazines and shameful practice

Auntyarchy  is a little change from the usual matriarchy you find in these pages... New word, put still plenty of painful effects !

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Unseen Barb O'Toole pictures

" Recently Chris and I uncovered this sketchbook from the period of 2008 through 2011. I was excited by directness and simplicity of some of the drawings. I feel that the pieces communicate their narrative content nicely. 
Barbara "
I had the pleasure to receive these pictures from Barb today. Above are just details of pieces with more characters. I love how realistic they are, how " middle-class, next-door " women look ! Each picture has an handwritten title that tells you what it is about.
If you are interested in these private pictures, you can communicate with Barb & Chris, their address is further down this page

And me? I'm finishing the next pervy Medieval update, very " Game of Thrones ". John Wilkins is helping me writing a story for each image. It will be up later this week, a private set for VIPs but I'll choose one picture to post in this place full of pretty kinky people.
EDIT February 17: well, maybe not, I now have a new "CFNM" set ready as well. Decisions, decisions...


Monday, January 26, 2015

Life is a beach ! ( CFNM & shame )

Like it or not... if at nineteen you couldn't swim, you had to wear the same swimwear (in other words, absence of swimwear) as all the other short people who couldn't. Otherwise, how could the lifeguard kept an eye on you like on the others? 
And even a strong hand. But maybe this was only to amuse a couple of friends? Who knows.

As for the bonus picture for my dear VIPs, " Obvious marks of a recent conflict ": well, the title is obvious too. Looks like the negociation with a person of authority turned bad just before...

Holidays... sea... sand... sun... eternity... hope this update was a ray of light to you : )  For my fans who live in Australia and Argentina, I know it is summer now, you lucky b....... !



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Amélie (+ public humiliation private pictures)

J. Wilkins is very good at capturing the essence of my pictures in a few words. But if you think this picture speaks for itself (like he does as well), you can also save and share the picture without text.

Above are the blurry versions of the high quality private pics.
One is the price to pay after being naughty at beach.
The vintage picture is a pretty young Lady enduring the shame of corner time. 
And the last picture is a family barbecue afternoon that someone - who didn't behave - will remember forever...

Enjoy : )


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Among all the people killed today in the heart of Paris, in an unprecedented attack against the freedom of speech, there were a few fellow cartoonists of assumed bad taste. " Cabu " was one of them, when I was a child and later a teenager, I was inspired by his main character, a dreamer in love with the out-of-reach daughter of the Principal.

" Wolinski " was such a famous cartoonist too. All his life was about peace & love (granted, often through much, much obscene sex!). I can't believe he was killed

Tribute to these 4 fellow provocative cartoonists, and all the people who were killed and injured today by idiots and obscurantism

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Barbara O'Toole NEW pictures, part 4

Hourrah !!
The 4th bunch of fresh new pictures by Barbara O'Toole has arrived. Too many months after the 3d bunch

And I've just seen them all before everyone!! How spoiled I am? : )  Sometimes I feel I get some very bittersweet rewards for my time on this Blog. The thumbnail above is just made of blurry details of wider HQ pictures.

She has worked months on them, and decided to start all over a few pictures until she was satisfied. They are so very " Barb O'Toole ", but I feel she is pushing further her ideas : 
" In the television talk show piece, the mother of the obnoxious, self-absorbed teen who was just interviewed on the show, cannot wait until they get home to chastise her son for the embarrassing comments he made to the public on the air.
I think sub-text is an important element in some of these pieces. My own fantasy about seeing references to maternal dominance in public media is part of this. The TV Guide page illustrates this. How outrageous it would be to see such a thing. "

So for your collection :
" To purchase these 10 large image files, please email your request to this email address : b_o2l @ yahoo. com (lowercase letter O & lowercase letter L ).
We wish you a most enjoyable viewing experience.

Barbara & Chris "

Just like with my private pictures, once they are in your pretty collection, please never share them! Thank you.

And me?
I'm postponing the F/f Blog update (4 pictures, domestic, beach parking...) which was ready for this week-end. I may just send the private pictures in advance to my dear VIPs. And I think one pic will be made public in one week. Sorry, but Barb was - and still is - my favourite source of inspiration, priority to our Iconic artist !!



Thursday, December 25, 2014

Medical part 13 ( CFNM )

Some hospital routine in the late 40s. 3 evening injections before being sent to bed. The proud young man was SO funilly embarrased the first night when the nurse on the left came to diaper him ! Somehow it peaked her colleagues' curiosity.

The two bonus private pictures : 
Draining the oversize balls is an experimental response to calm down these horny youngsters who have far too much hormones !

And the last one, Cleanliness and puberty, is not a proper medical one, but we are still in the field of hygiene and good practices. Since these horny boys can't help to do "this" alone several times a week, better teach them how to do it properly and clean afterward, once and for all !

Well, it was embarrassing and fun : )  Now I'm back finishing this serie about girls in trouble, it's been weeks I've been working on it dammit !

Merry Christmas, and thank you for your support, the last VIPs who has joined.
Cheers everyone !