Sunday, January 9, 2022

Barbara's new creations #27 !!

Last one was in June, I missed it !
The whole atmosphere of the set is again bittersweet, in such a pretty way.
I love the whole appearance and facial expression of the boy on " Grounded ", it looks very credible. Possibly because I was looking like him years ago ^^

To add these 8 new pieces, but in full quality/size to your collection, just write directly to her :  
b_o2l AT yahoo com

As for me, I'm trying new things. Most often I try, I don't like it much, I erase it. But when I like it, I mean it : ) " Forced regression kills rebellion " is something that inspires me these days, but we'll what will come out later. Thank you for your patience : ) 

Thank you for the private messages I get, telling me my work matters to you. There was a time I was a bit in doubt that I was the only one loving these fantaisies, not anymore.
And I sincerly  wish everyone of you a very good 2022 


Sunday, November 7, 2021

" Six Zero Sex Nil " + new private pictures

" Six Zero Sex Nil " is my exploration in the end of the 70s / early 80s era. A genre in whick Barbara O'Toole excels.
(the naked model is over 18 as usual, even if he is not sure to be that big boy anymore !)

As for the private pictures, I think the new " Forced regression kills rebellion " could be the best in this whole lot. If you are VIP just let me know if you agree please.

The text for one of the two medical pictures goes like this :

As if the life of a modern mother wasn't stressful enough. The last thing you want after an exhausting day at work is yet another tantrum from an eighteen year old boy. Neutrosterone is the solution as it is applied directly to the source of the problem. It drastically reduces his sexual urges, and the associated aggressive outbursts for weeks on end. Millions of households have already found peace, why not yours ?

What the other pictures are about, you'll have the surprise : ) 

Best always,


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Barbara O'Toole's new portfolio 26 !!


SO beautiful. Always a real pleasure to discover these new embarrassing scenes : )
- Alabama Swimming Hole is a promising title isn't it? As an European, I don't have all the cultural references regarding each States. I will now have an exciting cliché stucked in my mind on what Alabama could be. But I certainly don't need to be an American to appreciate the attention to details in this scene, full of very strong "Mamas" and "Rednecks" ^^
- Daddy's Babbysitter suggests quite a weird scene, and it is. It makes me feel quite uncomfortable (which is nice somehow). I feel it is sometimes more than just erotic pictures, like these pieces of art in a modern art museum, they are a bit disturbing and it makes you question the roles in society and yourself. 
- What a malicious /beautiful smirk on the The Ladies Will Have To Wait. I loove it (the young boy a bit less presumably, huhu).
- But my favorite this time could well be A Mother's Treatment. What a perfect Doctor chosen to be in this scene. The full nudity and horrible excitment of the boy, the "treatment" to come... I keep coming back to this picture again after I've seen the portfolio, it must a sign. 

To add these 10 new pieces full quality/size to your collection, just write directly to her :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

Always interested to know what you think as well! Please give your feedback. We don't always answer (sorry) but we do read : )

And I guess next round it will be my pictures again. 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

" The old fashioned way " ( plus your worst fears )


" The old fashioned way "

As for the rest of the pictures, it is just your worst fears I believe. Like your mates surprising you when Mom is taking your temperature. Like the return of the Balls Pacifier. Like being humiliated in front of the nurses.
Fornutately, you can always leave this nightmare, switch off your computer and let these unfortunate (18 or more) boys deal (not so well) with the situation, phiew !! : ) 
VIP members, it's in your mailbox full size and quality today.

There are more embarrassing & fun scenes, but it will be in next update : )

Until then,

 ̶B̶e̶s̶t̶  worst always ,


Friday, March 26, 2021

Don't click, or...

Too late, you clicked.

I wish there was an arm popping out from this screen, dragging you by the ear to a place where you would learn a lesson 
Believe me it's a pity I can't find this feature, or it would be arranged already

This modern society lacks values and modesty, we need someone to set the limits and create a reassuring frame. The picture above embodies pretty much what this site is about (well, plus a bunch of other fantaisies I can't even explain to myself)

Apart from that, more pictures for the "VIP" club next week, and maybe another public one too

( But you are a good boy / girl, you have learned the lesson and will NEVER come back here, right?? )

Have a nice weekend,


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

NEW Barbara O'Tool's pictures #25


I was wondering if this time, my update would be ready before Barbara's. And guess what? Someone again worked better !

I love " Before the concert ", because I can see myself in this picture. I remember the excitment of dressing up before my very first concert. Rock music is often a passover ritual, an act of faith to escape from Mom's hands. It is ironic and very cruel that Mom's hands were that close to him at this very moment. 

But my favorite this time may be   " Mosquito Bites " .  Somehow Barb's picture reminds me of mine :   The Ice Cream Disaster (sorry it is a private picture, but I've let John Wilkins' text public, so you get the idea). 
In general, I think the scenes happening in a park are among the best, either her pictures or mine. Public embarrasment really means something there. It's a familiar and quiet area, with people from your own family to perfect strangers, and inbetween there are people you half-know and may see again someday. And you are just not sure what is worse... 

What's yours? Feel free to comment below 

And as usual, if you are wondering how to add these 10 new pieces full quality/size to your collection, just write directly to her :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

Enjoy Spring coming up!! : )



Sunday, November 1, 2020

"... beautiful, but extremely embarrassing " (spanking, CFNM)


The precious cousin from the big city : is what it is.
Domestic Discipline Demonstration : is somewhat darker 

The private pictures for VIPs (it's in your mailbox today) :

La Bourgeoise : is an insight in a French traditional family 
STOP sperm : is a radical an efficient way to find peace in the household
Stolen : at public swimming pool, is my new personal interpretation of Barbara's picture , the second left from top, if you own the original one already, lucky you  
If only Mother was less attractive : is a beautiful/but extremely embarrassing situation (and now I've found title of this new entry in the Blog ; )
Rush hour : is the horrible situation of boys waiting to be called by the nurse 
Another kind of lockdown : is " Rush Hour " pushed further, and the return of the good old Balls Pacifier

I hope these pictures will speak to you, and make you forget the world outside like it does to me. 
Take care : )