Monday, September 19, 2011

Archives : among women

The recent “ Sociology of the family in the deep countryside ” is an interesting study about these isolated places and times we rarely talk about.
“At twenty years old, if a boy was unable to handle a farm, or just not strong enough to help concretly, clearly it would be very unlikely he would ever find a wife in the town” says one research assistant. “ Most testimonies seem to reveal that the useless man was sometimes regarded as disabled, often infantilized, or permanently mocked if he had habits considered as useless or differing from the norm (such as reading poetry) ”


  1. How embarassing, to not only be certainly spanked by your Mom, but bathed by her as well. I would also imagine that such boyish 20-year-olds would be dressed by their mothers, as well; with their outfits being picked out for them in the morning and changed into their pajamas for bed at night.

    1. When I got in trouble my mom spanked and bathed me until I was17. Im 22 now and my mom spanks me after mt shower, but she doesnt bathe me. Kyle.

  2. Actually I'd like to picture the rest of their day as well !