Saturday, December 31, 2011

100 000

100 000 pages viewed since I've created this Blog at the end of August, it seems there is an interest for these deviant situations ! 

Thank you very much for your clever comments and e-mails, it's fun and interesting to exchange from your experiences.
Thank you to the owners of pretty blogs that I have listed and who have referenced me too.

You are mostly from USA (by far), UK, Germany, Canada and France comes 5th. Many countries from Eastern Europe are represented as well. Actually it seems there are people from all over the world, except China and North Korea (surprisingly...). Strange to see I have followers from countries such as Saudi Arabia. 
(Don't worry for your privacy: the number of people and the place they come from are about all this Blog let me see, but these statistics are a kind of reward for my efforts as well!) 

I hope to resume creating pictures tomorrow, when I'll have more time. 

Thank you again for your support and I wish you all a year 2012 full of strange pleasures !


  1. i am completely enjoying your fake art and stories. please keep up the good work.

  2. Hi friend...

    Be sure there are viewers from those countries as well... but most of the time these kind of blogs and sites are filtered there. So the users are using anti-filter or vpns to connect... which means that their IP addresses are shown mostly from US, Germany, UK and etc.

    We are all connected! Yeay ;D

    Please continue posting... at aleast I know some Persians who are following you...

  3. I'm glad to know there are people from Iran who are enjoying this page : ) I was watching " Rang-e khoda " the other night. Mmm, we are this blind boy trying to experience the world through pain