Friday, July 27, 2012

As if he hadn't been warned...

One of the reasons why boys such as this unfortunate nineteen years old in the post below get into so much trouble...

Did he really think he could hide these offensive adult pictures under his bed and get away with it?

someone had to protect his innocence. Secondly, he had to pay the price for this disgusting objectification of Women!

Maybe he got some extra punishment for owning this very explicit page?

Why is it so difficult to respect some basic rules of morality?


  1. Oh alex! Behave yourself. Posting such, such, DISGUSTING photos on your blog??? What is the matter with you, young man??? Do you think it's fine for someone unmarried to just look at members of the opposite sex unclothed? Well, I have just the thing for you in that case. I'm calling our new next door neighbour Margaret over, I'm sure she would be very interested in these pictures of yours!

  2. Oh my... don't call her please!!
    I really don't know how these pictures appeared on my computer. Surely my cat sat again on the keyboard, and pressed the wrong combination of keys?
    Do I really have to explain this to Margaret as well? If I don't convince her I'm afraid to make my case worse : /

  3. You can explain it while across her knee young man, with your pants DOWN. After that we'll get her husband, the star rodeo man, to put you in a hog-tie, butt naked mind you, out on the front porch and we'll see what you think about people seeing other people naked then, now won't we.

  4. You are right Julie... : / I sometimes see this kind of fair punishment coming like thunder clouds gathering on the horizon.

    In this rural part of western France, my parents, grandparents... well all the generations for centuries have been educated in a Catholic / stern way and had no easy access to all this. And now just because of the Internet, I am an unmarried man who can have a glimpse at a world of wonders without knocking on the door.

    Just 50 years ago my grandparents were living without television, and phone at home had just changed their life.... our life now was just unthinkable decades ago! The acceleration of changes technically and moraly have been so violent, I sometimes feel the implosion will be equally as violent...
    And at a personal level I will have to pay an heavy price to the ghosts of my stern grandaunts ; )

  5. Hi Alex,I feel you are berating yourself unnecessarily!
    You have in fact used 'artistic licence' ,to expose the the trade in these mags by unscrupulous traders !
    They know that boys and young men in this age group are putty in their hands and they are unable to resist the sight of young ladies displaying their 'charms ', in such publications!
    You were doing a service to the parents of these young men!( although I would not be too confident this applies to all fathers!!) Diane

  6. Alex, I have always liked seeing naughty women wearing garter-belt and stockings, before pulling down their panties, to bare their bottoms, for a good spanking. Thank you for allowing me the privilage of making comments on your wonderful blog.

    1. These retro women are gorgeous isn't it?
      You are welcome

  7. Yes, Alex you are absolutely right. There is nothing more sexually and erotically beautiful. than a naughty woman, wearing garter-belt and stockings, awaiting a good spanking on her bare bottom. I once wrote a song called. "I'VE GOT THAT PARIS FEELING TONIGHT". Here are some of the lines to this song. "I've got that Paris feeling To-night. I've got that Paris feeling to-night. From the Rue de la Paix, to the Champs Elysees. I've got that Paris feeling tonight. Ooo la la, si vou plais. Bon Soir. Pardon my French.