Sunday, August 4, 2013

A little motivational talk...

I think I had the idea while listening this 80s song : 

" Somebody told me,
"Boy, everything she wants is everything she sees..."
I guess I must have loved you.
'Cause I said you were the perfect girl for me,
But now we're six months older...
And everything you want and everything you see,
Is out of reach...not good enough...
I don't know what the hell you want from me "

It's kind of a guilty pleasure for me, but' let's face it... I love this song and weird video !

And the bonus picture is The bossy Latino mother at beach, " Clothed Females Naked Man " genre.
Her nineteen years old boy acted immature, so he will play naked the rest of the afternoon like any children on the beach!!

If it's not in your mailbox in 10 minutes, spank me.



EDIT : I'm away from computers until this Sunday 18th, if I don't come back to you until Sunday, no panic ! : )


  1. Excellent pictures, as always. The best thing about the way that the Latino mother embarrasses her son is that his bottom is now bare in case she has to spank him, as well.

    1. Indeed ! : )
      Thank you Collegeboy

    2. Until this man RESPECTS his Mother, she must make the ladies grab his private parts. The should pull him around and teach him a lesson. The girls should grab his testicles until he apologizes to his Mother. It works. I used to be like the nude man in the picture (only I was more erect and embarrassed!). Now I do whatever my Mother and female Elders order me to do. I learned to behave or I was stripped in public.

  2. About boy on the beach. If he, despite his nineteen, violates mom's rules and acts as child, the punishment is fair. Let "...he will play naked the rest of the afternoon like any children at the beach!!"
    My own sons were 13 and 14 when I last time used this method of punishment for them.

  3. By the way, boy's bottom after spanking ought to be more red. My sons are 17 and 18 now however, when they deserve punishment - it happens at least monthly - their behinds are bright-red.

  4. - John - When my two nephews (13 and 15) get into their pajamas my sister-in-law actually puts her hands right down their pajama bottoms, the front (penis) or the back (bum) and fondles. Sometimes for up to 10 seconds. I believe she sees this as affectionate and not sexual.

    She has done it, occasionally, once a few years ago, and once recently, and one other time, with me and my wife, and sometimes her own husband looking. This is how I know about it. And this is how I know she thinks she is doing noting sexual.

    My sister-in-law still walks in on them while they bathe, although they do bathe themselves, and separately. I suspect she likes to see them nude.

    They were actually bathing together at 11 and 13, still often with their mothers help. No embarrassment from anyone. I do not know what my wife thinks as I did not ask her. I have not seen them with an erection but am sure they often have one, even when she is fondling them. I was their age once and they were frequent.

    If this continues I suspect that one day she will fondle one of her sons cock and he will come right in her hand. If it were me I would masturbate up to 98% and let my mother inadvertently do the last 2%. That is when my father was not home, of course. He works 3 nights a week so it would be easy.

    I only witnessed this a few times but believe it happens frequently. She doesn’t think she is doing anything wrong. Maybe one night one of the boys will cum in his mothers hand? Or maybe one already did.

    I find it a little weird. I generally stopped being naked in front of my mother at 10 years old albeit I did have a relapse.

  5. Alex,
    I grew up in the 1970's when spankings were a common occurrence in many homes and mine was no exception. My parents were very strict and spanking was their main form of punishment and though the spankings were pretty harsh I was never punished without deserving it and I never felt abused or resentful towards my parents. In fact I was usually mad at myself for having disobeyed them.
    My parents believed spanking wasn't really for little kids but more appropriate for older children "that should know better". So spanking really started from when I turned 10 until I was 18 although I was told that spanking would resume if necessary. Most of my spankings were during 7th thru 9th grades.
    Some of the things I was punished for were lying, defiance, not doing my chores or homework, somtimes grades, going somewhere or having something that was forbidden. Backtalking or arguing with my parents was also a frequent reason for punishment.
    My father traveled often on business so the job of spanking me was mainly my mother's. Probably 80% were given by her with the other 20% given by my father with mom "assisting". Spanking was done with a leather belt just for this purpose they kept in the hall linen closet for easy access when it was needed.
    My spankings were not a "go to your room and wait" event or were they just a few slaps on the bottom. They were a complete spectacle. They were always given "on the spot" and came with little or no warning and without regard to who else might have be present.
    A typical spanking started with me being marched/dragged to my room. Panic-stricken, I'd desperately try to talk my way out of what was about to happen while at the same time struggling to keep my clothes from being removed. But being a small child for my age, I was no match for either of my parents in a physical contest. Struggling only slightly delayed the undressing and made them even madder than they were already but I just couldn't help doing it.
    My parents were never concerned with "children's modesty" nor did they make any effort to close curtains or windows beforehand. All of this made for a very embarassing situation.
    The actual whipping came fast and furious. I was sometimes spanked standing up being held by one arm or my mother would make me bend over the edge of my bed and hold my wrists together behind my back. I would be hit with the belt at least several dozen times across my rearend and the backs of my legs while I struggled to get away. If I did manage to get free and roll over onto my back the spanking continued with my legs lifted in the air.
    Unfortunately, I was never able to take my punishment with any amount of bravery. My behavior during a spanking was quite childish. From the moment I knew I was getting a spanking I cried, screamed, begged, pleaded and promised to be good. Again, I just couldn't help it.
    Of course, after the spanking was over and I was released I would jump up off the bed and begin rubbing my stinging butt and legs still bawling uncontrollably. I knew the pattern of red overlapping belt marks would certainly last several days.

    Later I'd lie on my bed still crying into my pillow. My mind would be full of different emotions. Guilt for having disobeyed my parents, and embarassment thinking about who witnessed my punishment or who might have overheard it.

  6. Anyone knows to keep lads in their older teen in borders of discipline and home rules is difficult enough. Almost always it's impossible without punishments. Pain isn't very important for naughty boys in this age but shame they understand very well. I know it because have two boys - 19-year-old son and 17(almost 18)-year-old stepson.

  7. From Tony - It was at age 15.
    We had a vacation at the old house in the woods. There were my sister-age 16,three of my cousins,two female cousins 15 and 13 and one male cousin age 14. My aunt was the one in charge of us,becouse the other family members were suppose to arrive a few days later.
    We were playing outside with the ball,and I shoot the ball in the window,it was an accident,but the window broke.
    My aunt was very strict,and when you break her rules it means get all your clothes off and prepare you butt.
    She came out and asked who did it,all of them pointed at me,she just looked at me and told me to get inside and take all clothes off.
    I went in my room,got naked,and then aunt called me to come in the living room,I went downstairs,and all of them vere sitting on the sofa,and I was trying to cover my pride. Aunt was waiting with on the chair in the middle of the room with the hairbrush in her hand.
    I came to her,she pulled me over her knee,and put down the brush,then she gave me arround 30 swats with the hand. While they were sitting there,smiling,and looking at my butt turning red.
    Then aunt took the hairbrush,and gave me arround 20 swats with it. I could feel the heat on my behind. I was crying and begging her to stop.
    When she finished she ordered me to go and kneel in the corner,and all relatives were sitting on the sofa gigling and enjoying in the view.

  8. When I grew up, nudity was quite normal for me. At home and at the beach. Sometimes the family went to the nudist beach, and sometimes at a normal beach I was the only one naked.
    When my pubic hair begun to grow at 12, I protested being nude at the beach, but my mother insisted, and got the shaver and cut away the few hairs. This was going until 14, then i looked too old for being nude at the beach. Also at home I was wearing normal clothes.
    At 17 I was caught watching secretly at a friend of my sister, while she was changing into a bikini for the beach. My mother got furious, and insisted that I have to be nude in front of her as punishment. You have seen hers - she will see yours.
    So I had to strip in front of my mom, and she got amused by the half mast stiffy I had. Then she forbid me to cover myself, and she dragged me by the ear to the other room, to apologize in front of my sister and her friend, who were both in their bikinis. When I thought the embarrassment was over, my mother told me, that for further punishment I had to stay nude at the beach for the rest of the holiday. It was a sort of optional clothing beach in Europe, but only very few people were actually nude and some women were topless.
    Marek (now 24)

    1. Interesting story ! : )
      Quite close to this beach picture indeed

    2. My God! This can be the best dream and the worst nightmare at the same time. I admit that I like to see female changing, (for example on the beach), but never spied someone in the house. But, the idea of be showed naked as a puniment turn me on so much!!! Especially, the idea could be, if you didn't actually saw nothing, example you tried, didn't see but got caught). At least you enjoyed your sister's friend body ;-)

  9. Sajita-
    I’m a 16 year old Indian girl. It is very common for Indian parents to punish their boys by making them stand in a state of total nudity holding their ears with their hands or holding their hands clasped behind their heads. My family still continue that tradition . I’ve never been punished in that way, because it’s not considered appropriate in most parts of India to subject girls to nudity as punishment (or for any other reason, for that matter), but I’ve often witnessed my brothers and male cousins being made to stand in a state of total nudity holding their ears with their hands for a half-hour to an hour, depending on the gravity of the boys’ offense. However, whenever my female cousins and I approach the boys while they’re being punished, they swiftly shift their hands from ears to genitals! But the parents usually quickly make the boys place their hands back on their ears, even as we girls gawk at them. Female humiliation during the boys’ punishments is definitely very intentional in Indian culture, and it’s sure not easy for the boys, but nonetheless, it is widely considered to be very effective in improving boys’ behaviour in our culture. After a few moments, the parents will make us girls leave the boys alone, but we girls usually bug the boys 3 or 4 times like that during a typical punishment period. It may sound like we girls are little teasing brats, but in our culture, it’s actually considered to be our family duty to do this, regardless of how much we enjoy seeing the boy nudity, which we certainly do! Meanwhile, the adults in our culture continually drill modesty into the girls’ heads."

    1. Hi Sajita, that sounds like a lot of fun for you girls haha, did it ever make you want to get the boys in trouble on purpose or try to pants them/strip them yourself? I noticed an element of what you that in Slumdog Millionairre. I am 35 and this is me Feel free to write me at if you wanna chat about embarrassing CFNM :)

  10. I can remember many times when we went on vacation to the beach. This place we stayed had an outdoor shower also so you could rinse the salt water and/or sand off of you before you went into your room. We would get off the beach at about 4 in the afternoon like most of the others would. There would be many times I seen boys under that shower with their suits off. Boys my age, when I was younger, and most a little younger as I got older, this was when I was between 7 and 12 years old. Some of the girls would stand around and watch them, my mom wouldn't let me, but when I got a little older, mom let me go back to the room on my own, I would wait until a boy that was close to my age got under the shower and then go out and back to the beach, walking very slowly past the shower where the boy was showering naked. Never seen any girls under that shower though without their suits, definetly a true one sided thing back then.

  11. My friend's mom would put the sprinkler on in the backyard on a hot day so we could run through it. His mother would say we could just put our clothes on the picnic table. When his older sister came out with one of her friends, she was told they would both have to put their suits on first, both girls were upset about this, but were told it would be improper for girls their age to run around naked in front of boys. We were about 11 at the time and the girls about 12. I asked my mom about this why it was OK for us to run through the sprinkler without our clothes, but not for the girls. She said that girls must learn modesty at their age, but boys don't until they are older. She said I should feel lucky that I am a boy because it is more fun. At the public beach boys would wear suits, but on the way back to the car it was not unusual for the mother to take the boy's suit off him at the outdoor shower that was there for rinsing the sand off. My mom did this all the time until I was about 12 or so, and she paid no mind to whether other families were passing by. The attitude seemed that boys didn't need to learn modesty until puberty (that is my interpretation).

  12. My Swedish girlfriend was quite adept at delivering (and also receiving!) some really hard spankings. Quite a few of them were administered in the open air - and many more in the (relative) privacy of the bedrooms we shared while traveling...

    1. We would have enjoyed the pictures of this ! ; )

  13. Great artwork ,as usual. I like how the young girls at the beach are giggling at the boy who has just been stripped by his Mother.

    Thats what i love about your artwork. The women and girls are always enjoying themselves.Too much femdom artwork has women snarling and looking angry. I love that your women are experiencing wicked and delicious pleasure

    1. It's just reality : )
      You remember at school how girls enjoyed gossiping, teaming up, laughing at someone's expense? It sometimes looked like this social cruelty took the place of the sex interest compared with us boys.

  14. Im 22 and got and still get motovational spankings like the kid in the picture, except my mom uses her hand or a switch or my belt. Kyle

  15. He becomes unruly, put him in a "bikini" imagine those embarrassing tan lines? He's under your control! "Heather and her pantyhose brigade"

  16. All Mothers have earned utmost respect from brattish sons. Males giving guff to their Mother (above) deserve to be stripped in front of many others. Every Mother gets his help, so taking away your guy's swimsuit is the sole way to discipline him. When he's aroused, then let women gawk. Mothers: Get straight answers from your bad son, or he gets no clothes. This Mother is right! Ask the ladies nearby to help you shred his shorts to threads. They'll hold him down and let his parts show more. Public humiliation is the solution to misbehaving adult males. When a son backtalks to his Mother, then tear his shorts off in front of crowds of smirking ladies. He'll learn. Harsh paddlings, in full view of giggling ladies, cool off arrogant guys fast. Let his embarrassment and shame stay with him! All Mothers earned total respect and more servitude from lip giving sons. Make him get taught your bitter lessons and restrained by strange females, until he's nude and disgraced on this great Website. Only then did the Mother above, bring him up right! And only then did the ladies get to see him taught a great lesson.

  17. The bossy Latino mother at beach is one of my favourite pictures ever, really well done! He will play naked for the rest of the afternoon like any children... and there are so many girls of all ages on the beach!

    1. bossy + Latino + mother... these 3 words work very well together when put together isn't it? I hope they will appear again

  18. John I see nothing wrong in your Sister In Law fondling her charges. If She were tousling their hair or laying a hand on their backs to show affection no one would bat an eyelid. So why can't She fondle them for 10 seconds or so.

    I am sure they would not get overly excited after 10 seconds and disgrace themselves.