Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Learn to respect yourself !

Again, why is it so difficult to follow basic rules, only for a few months? Some people are so weak.
He has only managed to waste months of piety, and disappoint his Grandmother who is preparing him for a glorious Priest career.

(for you VIPs, I'm going to mail you the "Collector's edition", which includes the consequences of his wrongdoing...)




  1. The embarrassment and shock this boy is in right at this moment as he realizes he's been busted for masturbating and looking at porn, by of all people his Grandma, should be overwhelming. However, judging by the throb in his boner, I'd say that inside this young man is secretly excited by the whole scenario that's about to play out.

    1. Being busted was simply horrible when we were that young.
      As for me, it's only years after that I'm excited by these scenarios. As a therapy for these past traumas maybe? : )