Monday, January 13, 2014

Medieval public shame - part 2

So this is another parenthesis in this Blog, quite different from what you usually find here. But here again, I focus on shame, feelings, facial expressions. I don't like the hardcore torture pictures, I don't like death penalty at all, so once again I'm creating what I can't find anywhere.
You think my saddle with 2 phallus is fictional? It's not. Here you can find examples from Medieval China !


I've also seen this in a weird sadistic Hong Kong movie. And since the HBO series are more daring every year, who knows if you won't see it in the next season of Game of Thrones ?
High Horse: from her horse she used to mock the peasants working for her father in the fields. Now this is a different horse made of wood, and it's time for her to sing out loud their revolutionary songs !
Rivalry: this is what happens when the Queen hears the rumour that you've been trying to seduce the King when she was away. From her balcony she'll have the pleasure to watch you being sodomized by a donkey! Maybe the real shame is that pop-corn didn't exist yet.


  1. I was a bit surprised when reading the descriptions, that you didn't go for High Horse as the public one as that seems lighter of tone?

    I'm wondering quite why the Chinese used those. Nice touch with the curvy medieval themed writing, particularly the lovely capitals, thanks for making that effort. Decent use of crowd, lovely use of getting red for the cheeks and very good caption, the way the lord uses the punishment and the public reacts, that it got worse after the moment captured by the picture.

    1. Good question. The picture I've posted on the Blog was the most recent I had been working on, somehow I felt more connected with it. And I could post some additional historical pictures of saddles: it's the 10% cultural added value ; )

      The use of crowd is decent indeed, I'm not totally satisfied with it, but it works.
      I had to download somewhere these specific medieval writing, it's pretty and I'll use it again.
      And yes her shame got worse after teh moment captured!

      Thank you for the detailed appreciation mackaie : )

    2. Fair reason and, of course, I come here for the education

      Glad the writing won't be a one shot and thanks for the thanks.

  2. Fabulous stories on this one, indeed. Love the creativity of the story in each one. Very nice departure from the "normal" on here!

    I love the hardcore twist on the Lady Godiva theme. Also makes me think of a Don Yeager illustrated book of his character, Mandy, in a dream sequence as Godiva on a talking and poetic horse, which is a favorite of mine.

    And, the Queen's revenge one reminds me me of an actual story someone once told me from Vietnam of a stage show with a stripper taking it from a donkey from behind, much to the crowd's pleasure.

    Terrific divergence from the usual path here!

    1. Thank you for the comment : )
      Not all enjoy my Medieval interest. But it offers so many deviant possibilities! ; )

      (I wish there was more about your Vietnam story...)