Friday, March 7, 2014

When the pictures talk to you

Some talented people are following my Blog. They really understand what my pictures are about, and when they write the story about their favourite pictures, it's " a bit " better than my broken English.
I've already upgraded one picture in the past like that ( I suspect it was Harriet's Marwood's daughter ), now enjoy J. Wilkins' witty pervy style.


  1. I love the pink story, working well with the peeking pink panties and diaper picture. Building that sense of why she is being punished, the sense of rebellion collapsing due to her exposed state. Then the punishment options, wondering how long before she attempts the walk and allowing my imagination to fly with the idea.

    Great work Wilkins.

    Your English is fine Alex, never had a problem with it and you make good captions.

    1. Good to know, I was about to write them all in French from now ; )
      So I'll keep writing in my good-enough-English

  2. How can I get full pictures?

    1. If you mean the 3 pictures above, just a click on it and they get larger : )
      If you mean the 70 - 80 private pictures, a donation (top right of this page)


  3. In my opinion, this diaper-theme actually means chastity-belt. Diaper blocks the genitals from being touched. This fits in with that many of these punisments are for self-gratification.
    So my question: why don´t you actually go for chastity belts?
    That´s something I would really like to see.
    Makes much more sense, doesn´t it? What teenager is actually put into diapers? Never happens nowhere. Now the same may actually apply for chastity belts but diapers are still much more illogical. They may be meant as humiliation, and they are more actually available. But the idea that is really behind the theme is: prevention of masturbation, and for that, the chastity belt is the means of choice.

    1. Fair point, I should try to picture chastity belts, I've never done it before indeed.
      But I don't see diapering as a way to prevent masturbation, it has more to do with making the teen feels vulnerable, and show who truly rules the house.
      Thank you for the input