Friday, October 3, 2014

Real shame drawing session ( CFNM )

When it comes to drawing human nudity and facial expressions, there is NOT a million different ways to reach excellence : you need one genuine model. 
So if the facial expression of the week is « utter shame », you only need the real thing. 
The Art Teacher didn't invite a student who knew what it would truly be about : ) If HAS to be his worst nightmare, or it doesn't work. All this for the sake of art ONLY, of course ; )
You VIPs will receive this pretty bonus above when I'm done typing this. Similar as the public picture, with attached below the 3 pictures of his relatives who participated and drew their personal obscene / humorous vision of it.

Again, all these innocent models are 18, or sometimes even worse for them: they are older.

So yes, I'm back making pictures after a well deserved 3 weeks break.
Now that I'm back... I can't stop. I have more pictures in preparation on this " drawing session " theme, and I already have 4 pictures ready for my " Game of Thrones " set (this one may be private only, not sure yet). 

So you can let me know which new set you would prefer me to release next week.

Thank you all for being fans, cheers!!



  1. Great! You are creative, Alex!

    1. Thank you. These Ladies are creative too

  2. Sublime detail, Alex! I vote for a continuation of the "drawing session" theme in your next post.

    1. Thank you! They say that " the Devil is in the details "...

  3. Welcome back, hope the break was a good one Alex. I love the laughter of the first relative and the look in the eye of the second, he will remember this day for awhile.

    I would vote for Game of Thrones

    1. Yes, I love the second too. There was a fourth that didn't fit in the frame of the picture, but is very good too. It will probably be an additional bonus in the upcoming set : )

    2. Harriet Marwood's GranddaughterOctober 5, 2014 at 11:17 AM

      The Drawing Session, please!

      Ars Longa, Vita Brevis as the Romans said. Life is too short, Art endures.
      The art teacher, I take it, is the model's mother. Another mammone, or mammone in the making, is getting his surprise comeuppeance. He thought he would be posing for a portrait, after all the reassurances he got from his kind female relatives, and was led to believe his favorite art teacher would be conducting the session. His worst nightmare materialized when he stepped into the room, and under the glare of the eager, laughing female eyes, could not believe his own eyes: no, this cannot be, the art teacher is ... Mother!!! And that girl, smirking in the last row, NOOO!!!
      The maternal hairbrush soon took care of his reluctance to pose as required, after the last garment had been removed. In this conclusion to Act One of his shaming session MamaNl'Artiste of course him made to face his audience of dedicated female aesthetes.

    3. When I started doing the picture, I had in mind that the Art Teacher would be his Mom indeed. It's more obvious with the private picture, his relatives are clearly not trained drawers, but their vision is wirry and pervert.
      Ok, that's one more vote for another set of Drawing Session

  4. I've just discovered your blog - so many hot fantasies. Excellent work!!! Did you ever finish your Game of Thrones set? ;-)