Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Balls Pacifier (brings peace in your household!!)

The Balls Pacifier... the idea came with that old picture , a fan (J Wilkins, who often writes great texts for me) wanted to see more of this chastity concept : the ring around the balls that allows basic body functions, only the sperm cannot get out. Therefore after a few weeks the sperm accumulate and the balls get bigger, we'll call this the embarrassing " Cow's udder side-effect "... and it will certainly leads to another bunch of pictures.

The pictures for you VIPs are basically about this Balls Pacifier shown in public places, you know here we are always on our Holy Quest for the most terrible shame, that's the game. 
I really like the beach one, yesterday I gazed at it for 20 minutes maybe. Many of you have requested more like the Bossy Latino Mother at beach picture , and I wanted to see her back too. So, she is back, fortunately for us, but not so fortunately for this boy.
(also, I've added in the bunch the high quality version of that Woman on her four too, so that's 3 additional private pics you're going to receive for your collection)

Cheers !



  1. Amazing Work! After seeing that beach picture I could use some pacifying myself!

    J Wilkins

    1. Thank you !
      Yes, I should send the plans to some factories in China, this Balls Pacifiers could be so useful ; )

  2. It's bad and dangerous idea. Any balls pacifier or ring around scrotum has possibility to damage balls. In teen age sperm must go out - wet dreams or masturbations, the same. It's naturally and any mother of teen boy ought to understand it.

    1. Don't worry, this is pure matriarchy fantasy
      No young adults have been hurt for real, or will be. : )

  3. I very much appreciate this topic. Some thoughts:
    -while I like the idea of a chastity device, this pacifier loks too unrealistc. Generelly I think chastity devices for men are more difficult than for females. But those chastity cages that recently came up (cf. various femdom-sites) seem to have some usability and are actually existing and available (so even if it´s only a fantasy-picture, it´s realistic).

    Re necessity of draining... my fantasy is... maybe a bit incest-y... but I kinda like an idea that mom, + maybe daughter, i.e. sister, should milk (or tease with tongue) on a regular basis to address that issue but making clear that there is no actual masturbation (i.e. self-gratification). Also can be seen as some training for the young girl , how to handle this area of life... under supervision of the momma.

    -since IMO chastity belts are easier employed for females, I think maybe you can cover that aspect with some stories / pictures.

    1. Hello Antonio, I'm glad you like this topic

      - Chastity cage is a realistic option indeed (because already existing). But somehow I enjoy more the idea of something that presses the connexion between the balls and the penis, just enough so that the sperm can never go out. To me that locker was somehow realistic, I'm disappointed if it's not the case : /

      - Regarding your incest-y idea, maybe you don't know that old picture of mine?
      Was not perfect in terms of colours, but you may like it

      - Yes, I am considering covering chastity belts for females too. Something medieval, or soemthing modern in traditional religious familes

      Thank you for the suggestions : ) Regards

  4. Wow!, that is amazing how your picture(-fantasy) matches so very closely my scenario! Thanks for the picture and your answer (and considering some of my input).