Saturday, January 3, 2015

Barbara O'Toole NEW pictures, part 4

Hourrah !!
The 4th bunch of fresh new pictures by Barbara O'Toole has arrived. Too many months after the 3d bunch

And I've just seen them all before everyone!! How spoiled I am? : )  Sometimes I feel I get some very bittersweet rewards for my time on this Blog. The thumbnail above is just made of blurry details of wider HQ pictures.

She has worked months on them, and decided to start all over a few pictures until she was satisfied. They are so very " Barb O'Toole ", but I feel she is pushing further her ideas : 
" In the television talk show piece, the mother of the obnoxious, self-absorbed teen who was just interviewed on the show, cannot wait until they get home to chastise her son for the embarrassing comments he made to the public on the air.
I think sub-text is an important element in some of these pieces. My own fantasy about seeing references to maternal dominance in public media is part of this. The TV Guide page illustrates this. How outrageous it would be to see such a thing. "

So for your collection :
" To purchase these 10 large image files, please email your request to this email address : b_o2l @ yahoo. com (lowercase letter O & lowercase letter L ).
We wish you a most enjoyable viewing experience.

Barbara & Chris "

Just like with my private pictures, once they are in your pretty collection, please never share them! Thank you.

And me?
I'm postponing the F/f Blog update (4 pictures, domestic, beach parking...) which was ready for this week-end. I may just send the private pictures in advance to my dear VIPs. And I think one pic will be made public in one week. Sorry, but Barb was - and still is - my favourite source of inspiration, priority to our Iconic artist !!




  1. Bonjour Mr Alex,

    Superbe , cette mosaïque de fessées " à l'ancienne" ! Et Mrs Barbara semble une experte en la matière bien que les femmes soient très minoritaires dans ce genre d'exercice. Et cela va rappeler de douloureux souvenirs chez la plupart d'entre nous.
    Alors un grand coup de chapeau !! Votre site reste unique, je le répète. 10/10 ! Rires. Ne changez rien.
    Bonne journée. Charles.
    (NB : Bonne Année et meilleurs vœux pour 2015! )

    1. Merci Charles !
      Je vais donc continuer à cultiver la différence, raviver les souvenirs amers avec des photos toujours plus gênantes : )
      Bonne année à vous !!

  2. Hi Alex, I look forward to see your next pictures. I prefer the color ones.

    1. Hello Brad,
      My next update is made of 1 vintage picture, and 3 color ones : )
      (but may I suggest you to check' the Barb's ones first, as they are ALL color, and her art deserves your support ; )

    2. I'm glad to hear that. The Barb's ones are all cartoons? Thanks for the informations.

    3. Yes, Barb only makes pretty cartoons

    4. Thank you. If you create color images like the last beach picture, you deserve another donation ;)

  3. Allez-voir je vous prie mon blog toyboysandmatureladies sur tumblr. Nous avons beaucoup de choses à nous dire, non ?

    1. En effet, de bien belles images compilées. Certaines pourront me servir de modèle !


  5. I like barb's drawings. The one shown above with the young lad over mommy's lap about to get an enema remind me of the times my sons laid naked over my lap getting a good cleaning out.