Sunday, August 2, 2015

" Will you ever learn Beatrice ?? "

She may be stubborn, but I really think she is cute.

And John Wilkins saw that too : )

Now I'm back in my secret laboratory working on medical pervy things.

Enjoy the week-end !



  1. The 3D works, the characters leap out of the background. Two angry adults, Kata's folded arms making her stand out, Betty's keans down, her panties down in an intresting way. Story nicely sets out the long running battle between Betty and her parents then the clincher of how the battle is (possibly) won.

    Very curious as to the outfits.

  2. I agree about the outfits in that I'm curious as to what they might be. "Little girl" dresses, knee socks and mary-janes perhaps? I think we ALL know what will happen with the antique ivory hairbrush the next time Beatrice misbehaves. It will be glorious (but not for her) and deliciously humiliating, no doubt... ;-)

  3. When I first put my eyes on the picture I thought it was hot. That's because I thought it was a picture of a young (albeit legal age fem-sub) that served a couple. I have a negative about sexual overtones that include incest.

    1. I don't know where you get the incest overtones on this one? I don't see the parents taking a sexual tone to Betty