Sunday, March 27, 2016

" Declassified archives "- Medical part 15 ( CFNM )

 Nothing matches the stern look of these retro nurses, don't you think? : )

Dear VIPs, the 2 bonus pictures will be in your mailbox in a few minutes.





    The antidote for cocky and unruly behavior: constant, fully nude baring: at home, the beach, and the doctor!

  2. These are some of the best works done yet .. wonderfully retro and atmospheric of old time doctor/nurses visits ...

    1. Thank you, glad you understood this retro feeling : )

  3. Where I live, nurses most definitely do not dress as in the pics, I cannot remember them having done so. So that adds another element from the past as an idealized remembering and as a setting for fantasizing.

    Or maybe I remember subliminally and this makes the imagery all the more enticing. In any case these are very powerful emotion-evoking works.


    Need photomanipulation…


  6. "Nurse, I told him it would be an old fashioned examination. Yes, I told him, she'll want to see you with everything off. Everything, the whole kit and caboodle. But, no, he thought at 16 he was too old. So now he knows. You do want him to peel right off, don't you?"

    "Oh yes, Mrs Sullivan, they're the rules. And doctor expects it."

    "Oh gosh, Mom, I'm embarrassed...can't I just keep my boxers at least?"

    "You heard her, Joey, what have you got to be shy about? The nurse has seen plenty of young boys strip off. Haven't you, sister?"

    "Of course, goodness, the school medicals alone..."

    "No, Mom, no! She was in our school, the senior year...only a few years's only a small town...she...she...knows our, Mom, no..."

    "Joey, you've only got your boxers're not in a position to argue...and if you're shy about getting, you know, excited like I find you in the bath sometimes, then relax. It happens at your age and I'm sure the nurse has seen it all the time."

    "Yes, Mrs Sullivan, it happens a lot. At their the way, how are the girls? I see them all the time..."

    "Oh, they're fine. Always teasing Joey, of course, as you'd expect the only boy in the extended family and the youngest...Joey, now, this instant. Yes, pull them down or I'll help...that's they come!"

    "Now, Joey, let's get started. Up on the table on your back...there! That's it! Spread your legs...arms by your sides. Well, Mrs Sullivan, they all grow differently. I'd say Joey is a little small for his age...I'll just put on these gloves..."

    1. Very nice!! : )
      (I'm only reading it months after sorry)

  7. This one is still probably my favorite of everything on this blog. No frontal nudity needed to covey the feeling of that moment of becoming totally naked, reluctantly, in front of these two women. Just something great about it!

    1. Really? I don't think I received much praise for this one. Some fans here don't even like retro medical
      Beautiful and much intimidating model on the left isn't it? : )