Saturday, November 26, 2011

New artist

I've been too busy to post something new this week, but fortunately I have some interesting artwork to propose you from J. Tesker. She is from the North of England and started this work to express her life long interest in the subject. She says she actually watched her stepbrother being punished at home in various states of undress, including fully nude, and it had a powerful long term effect on her. 
 (Here again the pictures are composite, and all the models are adults, the nudity used is from adult sites.)


  1. Nice set of pics. The second one doesn't seem to be a composite, so I'm wondering where it came from.

  2. PLEASE post more of this fabulous new artist!! I love your work Alex but it is also nice to see the work of others. Does she have a website?

    Thanks again for showcasing her work here!

  3. Hi Alex, A very nice selection of spanking scenes. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I wonder what stories they are telling us!
    I am intrigued by the woman undressing the
    young man .I think she is a Governess , not yet allowed to fully punish the young man who is about 18/19!. Yes, if you have money you can still employ such a young woman, recreating strict Victorian disipline for naughty young men! The shame of being undressed,then put in the bath for a 'thorough washing' ,particularly those 'special' parts is considerable !
    Then a spanking by hand on his warm cheeks! She hopes to be able to give the strap soon!
    Regards, Diane

    1. I agree Diane, I would like to see more from this artist also. I have an idea with his attitude that as soon as she gets him bathed, she will be putting him over her knee and giving him a good attitude adjustment on him wet bottom, and if that doesn't work she will be getting permission from Mom to use the strap.

  4. Collegeboy : the 2d one IS a composite. From a cfnm video and with a bathroom background added. J.Tesker also played with sizes and shapes so that the woman looks more imposing.

    Torre: no she doesn't have a website, but if she creates something more interesting I'll put it here with her anthorisation

    Thank you all for your feedback !

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    2. Alex, I like the result from the composite very much, she definitely looks like a young lady who can handle a naughty boy. I find her figure very appealing and well suited to be a spanker woman

  5. hi Alex and hi J.Tesker too if you are a member here.

    four wonderful pictures i must say and - as so often - the north of england does us proud!

    though - of course - as my nick birkdale (a suburb of southport) is very much in the north of england - i would say that wouldn't i?

    i really loved that last picture - the poor boy's embarassment in front of his shocked two sisters.

    and the sisters eyes right on their brother's erect penis - and who - shocked as they both are - cannot seem to take their eyes off it.

    and - last but very much not least - the mom herself who has set up this scene as a - no doubt justified - punishment for her son - and who must be very satisfied the way the whole thing has played out.

    i particularly liked the mom placing that chair between herself and and her son as if to distance herself from the power of the scene she has delibrately created.

    i see that the mom's expression is not the entirely impassive mask she might have been hoping to present to her family in this situation.

    instead her face seems to be giving us a hint of those same sorts of feelings as being are being experienced by her daughters on seeing that penis so stiff!

    the mom's feelings too maybe partly shock at the greater than expected power of that scene - though of course to a much lesser degree - but on her part seemingly also some real pleasure at seeing her son's penis on show like that for her!

    that chair i mentioned of course was very likely the one on which she was sitting moments earlier with her son over her knee for his spanking!

    or - if i am wrong about that - then i feel sure it will be - in a few moments - the chair on which the mom will sit to spank her naughty son's bottom - and so to give her daughters one more another reason to be so very shocked all over again!

    a wonderful picture all round i must say - so many thanks!


  6. Hi Alex, and thanks for posting these.

    I must admit I've been fascinated by what I've seen of J Tesker's art, and I'm even more intrigued to discover that she's female!

    I hope she goes on to produce many more pictures, and I'd love to hear from her and to link to her site if she ever gets one up.

    Best wishes,


  7. Great artwork!I especially like the bottom two ones.I love how his sisters are looking gleefully on.I like to think that he is being spanked because he didnt obey his sisters properly.And didnt make thier beds and do thier laundry,like they ordered him to do

  8. being at the bottommost rung. being 'houseboy'. being handled.


  9. In the bottom picture, Mom is going to demonstrate how to properly discipline spank their brother. She will put him over her knee and thoroughly spank him, it will probably go on for several minutes while he squirms and kicks and cries. She will teach the girls not to worry about his crying, crying is a good thing and lets the spanker know the spanking is being effective. Then I imagine she will have each one of the girls sit in the spanking chair one at a time and put him over their lap, and Mom will coach them on the proper way to spank. Making sure they spank good and hard on both bottom cheeks and both upper thighs. She will show them how to keep him in position during the spanking even though he is kicking a squirming. She will show them how at times it is helpful to put one leg over and across his legs to help hold him in position. After the spankings he will be required to remain nude with his bottom on display and ready for them in case one or all of them decide he will be needing additional spanking, which I am sure will be the case.

  10. Oh what a shame! I think he deserved it.

  11. How appropriate that the top boy is nakd after trying to spy on his sister (perhpas step sister if this is from Tresker memory).I wonder if this artist is someone closely related to you Alex?

    The 2nd pic its clear to me this is his sister or sep sister.Its not "your Mum" but "Mum".And why not a scrubbing brush to his body and or a nail brush taken to his private parts or not so private in this case.

    Spankings on wet bottoms hurt more so that is an option if he as here puts up any to vociferous objections.

    I concul with the others.The 3rd and 4th pics are of his sisters learning the art fo how to spank a male.
    The elder women are of differing ages so perhaps the first is a friend of the 2nd his Mother.


  12. exciting work specially the fourth photo .I think artist is well experienced she must have watched such correction on her brother