Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A sister is always here to help

She was a bit lost, she didn't know how to handle her eighteen years old son, his rebellion and his misplaced pride... 
Fortunately her sister was more successful in this field, and at tea-time she briefed her about a few simple things... and why not try it this very afternoon?



  1. Hi Alex, I am sure ladies who try to maintain decency and standards of behaviour will empahize with this Mother, fighting to bring her son back under her control ! I was in fact going to write about this problem , steming from the all male bastions of sports- Rugby, Football and Golf ,which confronted me a few weeks ago!
    However this mother was very grateful for her sisters timely advice and support!
    A good spanking for Tyler followed by what must have been the most embarrassing moment of his adult life!
    An inspirational decision, by his Mother to look between his bottom cheeks and was she in for a shock at the disgusting sight that met her
    eyes?! And then wiping his dirty bottom for him ! Utter humliation!
    That quelled any last, lingering feelings of rebellion in him! So with a well smacked bottom on view in corner time ,she had no more worries!
    I expect she drove the lesson home by asking her sister to bring in a bowl of water ,so she could wash his bottom as well!
    Such a good example of how to deal with these domestic situations ! I will write again to discribe how I helped my cousin deal with her
    not too different problem !

  2. Mama could always conduct a surprise inspection of Tyler's tush, say, at a her hair salon. Sooo embarrassing, and sooo much fun.

  3. It's too bad that she took so long to figure out how to handle Tyler, but she picked it up fast.

  4. This is a stark reminder of my boyhood, inspections (both front and back) for cleanliness were used in our household. Very embarrassing and often were part of our discipline.

  5. A very nice description of this young man's well-deserved and long overdue smackbottom. And regarding his mother's decision to inspect his anus, that was an inspired move and should form part of any spanking of this and other teenaged boys who are notoriously careless about wiping themselves down there. In fact, one hopes that in future this mother insists on regular inspections of this naughty boy's anus with a long, hard thrashing to follow if there is any uncleanliness discovered.

  6. Never happen to me but if it had, my step sister would have had something to do with it.....Rambo

  7. If skid marks were found in my under ware, Mom would inspect me 3 times a day for a week. If I failed inspection She spanked me (3 X age with her hairbrush). This took place in the living room with my step sisters (2 yrs. and 3 yrs. younger) watching. After I became a teen they would sometimes do the inspections and they were more meticulous than Mom.