Friday, June 29, 2012

Kept after school...

Messing up with another old teacher who looked permissive at first... but it's such a dangerous game to test too far someone who has experience !
She taught him some respect : /


  1. alina-31 here :)
    this is very great alex .. a fine piece of work and i just love it :) :) :)

  2. Thank you Alina : )
    I know you always prefer the ones with public shame

  3. quel rêve délicieux...
    what a delicious dream...

  4. I always love the laughing girl in the window!
    Good job!

    1. Julie,
      why do you love the laughing girl?
      That would crush the lad.... lol

  5. Thank you both!

    "The laughing girl in the window" will soon become my signature I guess
    The laughing girl is very important! It takes me as much time to choose the right model for this mocking girl in the background as to find the right spanker. There is something a bit cruel in it, I guess it reflects the viewer behind the computer ; )

  6. The laughing girl, or woman (depending on the scenario) is the added touch of cruelty which really makes the piece. It would be a cool 'signature', though not necessarily appropriate to all foreground pics. Thanks, Alex, for sharing.

  7. Great, love the added touch of a school girl outside the window laughing.
    bottoms up

  8. And from the height at which his pullover rides above his rosy bottom, she can see EVERYTHING! And the glee on her features confirms she likes the full frontal perspective very much. Or perhaps just savors his crippling humiliation, his acute shame. How cunning of Teacher to plant him in that spot, and at the very moment she knows girls' classes will be pouring out of the building. I wonder how excited he became during the over-the-knee spanking? Could explain the girl's glowing interest!