Sunday, June 17, 2012

The " iron hand "... way to keep fit ! : )


  1. Great work Alex. Not only does she look quite fit and capable of delivering a good sound spanking, she looks like she thoroughly enjoys it!

  2. Thanks, Alex. An attractive, strong-armed woman who seems only too happy to lend assistance to less sporty single mothers...

  3. I love the idea of mothers spanking their sons purely as a work out. Son in the gym with his shorts down across his mothers knee crying why does it need to be bare with the paddle I haven't done nuthin wrong.

  4. Thank you for your comments : )
    As soon as I saw this model I knew something had to be done

  5. I love the fact that the women in your artwork are all clean cut looking suburban mom types

    I love the idea of a typical suburban "soccer mom" deciding to convert her whole family into a female supremacist family.With the Mom and Daughter[s] being in charge.And the Dad and son[s] obediently following the female family member's orders. With the Mom and Daughter's relaxing while the naked or semi-naked male family members do the housework ,

    And i like the idea of the Mom then converting other families to the same lifestyle