Monday, August 6, 2012

HER " lost " swimsuit found in HIS bag

Dear loyal readers of this blog,

It's summertime here in Europe : ) , summer camps,  swim camps, training...

So many burning memories, but unfortunately not all are because of the sun : /


  1. Very cute, indeed. Boys should never be spanked until they are fifteen, when they can appreciate the lesson taught -- and so can anyone present. That bottom needs more work.

  2. Sure! You can tell this public punishment - right in the place where the stolen swimsuit was found - will be much more effective than doing the dishes for the group : )
    Don't worry his punishment just begins, he is too confused to explain anything...

  3. Hi Alex, What intrigues me is his motive for taking them? Was he hoping to persuade her to go to a hidden location-perhaps a gently flowing river and hope she would join him 'skinny dipping' as it is so hot!?. Your art coveys the essence of what is going on and allows us to conjour up explanations!
    However I fully agree with the action taken-public spanking with that formidable paddle his Mum is holding! Yes it is clear she has hardly started whacking him-I do think he will not be sitting for a while and may be reduced to embarrassing tears before she finishes ! Love this one! Diane

  4. Glad you like it Diane
    It's not his mom though, rather someone exercising some responsibilities in the camp.
    The motive for taking her swimsuit? Well some boys who have zero chances to sleep with someone sometimes try to get something to make self-relief more "real". You even have women who sell their undies on porn sites! ( yes I know, eww... : / )
    Anyway, as you say, she has hardly even started the lesson !

  5. hee hee... Her butt looks *wonderful*!!
    Ours, of course, will just mimic sunburn and make it hard for us to sit!
    Better for us to stand and serve, huh?

  6. I love the CFNM aspect of the girl giggling at his nakedness

  7. I don't understand, a girls swimsuit is found in his bag? Why? Is he going too wear it later on? Don't forget to waxed or shaved? " sweetie" Gretchen M.

    1. Los of pervy men steal panties of people they fancy for masturbation purposes : /