Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New set of personal little dramas

J. Tesker is discret and has been quiet for a few months, but she told me to post these new great artworks on my page. It fits perfectly with the concept of this blog isn't it ?

Like me she takes models who are eighteen or more and put them in the worst situations imaginable. The kind of irreversible moments that'll leave forever the burning mark of shame somewhere in the psyche of these unfortunate boys   : / 

Her first set was posted here months ago, explore this blog a bit and you will find it again, lazy you.


  1. you are right alex .. this all are wonderful
    pieces for your blog :) .. i love it all :)

  2. Bonjour Alex, Three delightful illustrations of very necessary domestic discipline in action! In the first picture the mother is causing the young man the maximum embarrassment for his actions! I am sure this be will matched by giving him a very sound spanking with a wooden hairbrush!.We ladies cannot tolerate such behaviour and insults!
    The second picture leaves us wondering where he is being being sent before his spanking .I feel they are going to give him a bath first and they look very determined to ensure maximum embarrassment as they do so! The bath brush, conveniently at hand can then be used on his bare bottom. Ouch! Diane

  3. very, very hot - Dan

  4. Thank you for her.
    Diane: I vote for the bath first as well !! ; )

  5. Very nice. These boys, whatever their ages, promise always to be boys, and naughty ones at that. This is as it should be in the coming woman's world, no? If we start them with sound spankings as they sexually mature, then they will be ours to mold. Control their shame and lust, mix together and the result are males sans machismo, and the world is a much better place, with less violence and more domestic order and tranquility. Yes, bath first, hot bottom to follow.

  6. Sure taskmaster, we are working for a good cause! ; )
    Condider this blog to be my little contribution for a world sans machismo

  7. Boy oh boy! Isn't sister getting an eyeful! Doubt the ugly girl has ever seen anything like that before but there it stands, revealed by Mom, right in her sight as she eases brothers undies down and rolls up his T shirt. Jeepers, he must be embarrassed!

  8. Great artwork ! I love Tesker's work. I love the idea of a Mother teaching her Son humility and respect for females , by stripping him naked and placing his sister in charge of him. With him having to be his Sister's servant and be at her mercy.

    I love the idea of him having to wait hand and foot on her and her girlfriends.And him having to stay homenake d and clean her room and do her laundry while she goes out for a "Girls Night Out" with his girlfriend