Friday, February 1, 2013

How unfair !!

The only time they had ever cheated on an essay...
The girl in tears may look very young, but you'll be surprised to know she was actually more than twenty years old when this episode was made, I've checked. In movies and TV series, the teenage characters are often played by much older actors. When I was a child, I was in shock and quite disappointed when I learned my Goonies idols were adults! 
But as Cyndi Lauper sang in the soundtrack it was "Good enough for meeee yeah yeah yeah..." : ) Sorry, the digression ends here.

Why did I do this picture? I don't know for you, but I wasn't a big cheater during my first years at school. When I was caught it was possibly the first time ever I had cheated. I wasn't spanked or anything physical, but the teacher clearly took pleasure to humiliate me in public, when clearly the shame to have been caught was enough. I was on the verge of tears and I thought it was very unfair. It wasn't than much better than a spanking really, but he could get away with it pretending to be fair.

Now this is what I like in spanking, and making these spanking pictures: it's honest, visible, it happens concretly and it is something you can easily name and get revenge for. How many times at school, at a family gathering, in the workplace, you get exposed to petty things, hypocrisy, bad little tricks... There are so many things you can't put words on, you just know you have endured the violence of your environment somehow. It's a bit of a therapy for me to make these pictures : ) , because it reflects a hidden reality that doesn't come to the surface so often...
Does it make sense?
I've made the extra picture below for the list of donators only, check your mailbox. I enjoyed creating this autumnal and rural environment : ) Hope you'll appreciate this pretty round bum turning pink too. This one is called "Dad teaching the burning price of rebellion". It is probably painful and shameful, but I think there is an element of comforting security in it.
 Next update? Medieval I think. Women in trouble again.


  1. In my childhood I studied in little rural school. It was in Russia (then - Soviet Union). Corporal punishments in school weren't permit, however, all our parents gave permission to both our teachers to spank us, if would be necessarity. Girls got very rarely and it happened in teacher's room or in front girls only. About boys, they got in front all class and on the bare bottom always. I recall, almost weekly one or more from our boys had to bare behind, bend over edge of teacher's table, spread legs and get dose (usually, 10-12) switches. Of course, it was embarrassing for big boys ( we studied till 15) to get on the bare behind, with everything on display, in front giggled girls but it was good treatment for naughty boys.
    Of course, we girls were very glad that never got in front class but boys considered it was unfair. If honestly, they were right.

    1. Interesting input! Thank you.
      I knew the whole society was rather stict during the Soviet Union, but I didn't know it meant that corporal punishments were common for young girls and boys...
      If it happened to you, how did it feel exactly?

    2. Very hard discipline...... Did they crying because of the shame to show their penis to their classmate ?

  2. Alex, the first, it was more 30 years ago and, the second, it wasn't common in Soviet Union. It was little rural school and corporal punishment were used only because of parents' permission. According to goverment's view it was forbidden. However, we had strict discipline in school and families too. Yes, sometimes I got too but much rarely than boys. When my older brother and both male-cousins were spanked in front class, it wasn't shocked for me because I many times saw their family spankings (the same as they my). Nevertheless, they were embarrassed when had to get in front all girls in class. During my spanking in front girls only I was more concerned burning bottom than modesty. If boys (non-members of family) would be witnesses I would mortified...

  3. Interesting post, indeed. Reminded me of my childhood. I'm from Slovakia and, in the 1980s, the country formed part of the Soviet bloc (former socialist Czechoslovakia). Back then, spankings for kids were not frowned upon in society. It was mostly younger boys who got it at school, while both girls and boys (no discrimination here) – some as old as 16- could be spanked at home and on the bare.
    Interestingly enough, hairbrush had zero spanking tradition in Slovakia. If worst came to worst, you got it by hand, leather belt or, a popular choice in many households, wooden kitchen spoon. ("Should I go get the spoon?" was a serious threat many a parent uttered to pacify their unruly offspring. And just like the British had "six of the best", the magic phrase/amount in Slovakia was "twenty-five on the bare")

    I recall one particular public spanking.
    Our school went to a week-long trip to the mountains. Staying at a hotel, this “school in nature”, as it was called, featured regular school classes combined with “fun activities” such as outdoor hikes, games, etc. And there was a boy in our class, who was constantly bothering girls (throwing pebbles at them, calling them names, that kind of stuff). Girl after girl complained and, finally, the teacher had enough.
    A rather stern middle-aged lady, the teacher had a no-nonsense approach and, unfortunately for the guy, she was determined to give him a lesson he would never forget. And neither did I.
    Grabbing him by the ear, she brought him out to the hotel hallway, where she shouted loudly: "Childreeeeeeeeeen! Children, come on out heeeeeere!"
    Doors to all rooms opened and classmates started to pour out (probably thinking they were being summoned for a hike). Before long, every boy and girl stood assembled before the teacher. All in all, the audience could be of 60-70 strong and filled the hallway completely.
    And then, without any further ado (or as much as a word), the teacher turned to the bully and started to unbutton his pants!
    I remember the collective feeling of surprise.
    His pants fell down to his ankles. Joined shortly by underpants.
    Surprise gave way to collective amusement, as the bully now faced everyone with his little penis exposed in full glory. I recall how girls at the back of the audience jostled for a better view, giggling and grinning from ear to ear. I bet many had never seen a naked boy before. In order to increase his humiliation, the teacher ordered the bully to turn around in place.

    For what seemed like eternity, the boy was turning, turning and turning, looking a little stupid as he showed his bottom, penis, bottom, penis for all to see… a full 360. I thought I’d die of embarrassment, if I were him. It was obvious he’d made the teacher quite angry and there was hell to pay. After a good dozen turns or so, she finally stopped him with buttocks facing us and instructed him to bend over. He touched his toes and there went the audience, treated to yet another revealing view, with everything dangling on show.
    And then he got spanked. I particularly recall how the hotel hallway amplified the sound. :)
    As the teacher’s punishing hand rose and fell, each slap echoed off the walls like gunshot. When the bully was finally allowed to dress and dismissed, he retreated into his room and didn’t come out for a long time. He just sat there on the bed and his face blushed with the reddest color I’ve ever seen anyone blush. But he never bothered any girl any more.

    1. Thank you for all these details!
      It has to be the most precise thing I've read of the kind. Such things were possible then, but now with all these mobile phones and internet, I guess it would make a scandal in a few days.
      I wonder how this guy coped with this in his teenage and adult years. I guessed it pretty much ruined all his potential efforts to seduce the other gender in this school, if he did any. 60 - 70 people spreading the word... better move to another school in another city.

    2. Sorry, replied to your comment, but somehow got my reply posted at the bottom of the discussion. :)
      Maybe need to get to the "bottom" of this, heh.

  4. I was in elementary school back in the 1950s. Spankings were relative prevalent in school, both over clothes and bare skin.
    I had a motor mouth and frequently whispered in class. I was often called into account. Sometimes I merely lost recess privileges, sometimes had to write lines and other times I faced the teacher's paddle.
    In fourth grade I got my first bare bottomed paddling at school, although, our boys got it even in front all class often enough. I had been having a bad year having been caught whispering frequently in class. Mrs Miller finally had enough. While the rest of the class went out for recess I remained behind. I had to remove my panties and bend over a desk with my dress thrown over my back. Before Mrs Miller could land her first swat, an older boy from another class popped into the room looking for something. I was paralyzed. She told him to wait and he was waiting right there, watching my bare behind. Then she promptly delivered three or four swats to my barred bottom. I was then sent back to the cloakroom to finish my crying. The punishment did deter me from whispering in class for awhile. This would have occurred in 1955 in Pennsylvania.

    1. Interesting. Do you think it is because of this that you have an interest in spanking? These painful experiences seem to attract rather than deter when we become adults

  5. When I was a young boy, growing up in what I thought was a very normal farm family in Kansas in the 1950's almost every child, sooner or later was spanked at church. Our rural church was an important center of our family life both for our nuclear family and our extended family. When my sister, one of my cousins, one of our friends, or when I misbehaved at church we weren't warned and taken home. A parent simply took us outside; most often around to a bench in the churchyard, bared our bottoms and spanked as necessary. This was not seen as an event to be remarked upon but simply a common occurance of everyday family life in the greater church family. The misbehaving child was quietly, or not so quietly escorted or carried from the church building or event. The spanking was administered as the parent saw fit. When the child was quiet and ready to behave, albeit frequently rubbing an assaulted bottom, the parent and the child quietly came back into the event. The same was true for older children and young teens, and occasionally even for older teens. That did happen once to my younger sister when she was sixteen, I was told, even though I was away at university and did not witness the event. Mother said she made my sister kick and cry with her hairbrush just as when my sister had been five.

    The spanking at church that I particularly remember happened the spring that I had turned fifteen and my cousin, who was soon to turn fourteen, and on whom I had a mutual crush had walked away from a church picnic and into a woods beyond the churchyard. While we did nothing but hold hands and gaze into each other's eyes and talk about school we were caught by her older sister who had been sent looking for us. This was farm country and our fathers had gone fishing after their meal so it was up to our mothers to determine our fate. My mother reached into her purse and pulled out her hairbrush and I knew there was no use in protesting. I just followed her to the bench and let her unfasten my belt and take down my pants even though my cousins and friends were watching. My mother pulled me across her knees, but before she started spanking she started scolding. She told me how embarassed she was that I was doing "things like that" with my cousin, and that "everyone could see". She also told me that she was going to spank me harder than she had ever spanked me before so I would never want to "embarass her like that again." Then she said it was time for me to be embarassed as much as she was and she pulled down my underpants and waved to my aunt.

    Mother still didn't start spanking me but held me over her knees with my bottom bare on display for those present and my face red while my aunt brought my cousin over to the bench, pulled her into a similar position, lifted her skirt, lowered her panties and scolded her. There we were, face to face, helpless, embarassed, bared and not wanting at all to be there. My aunt got out her hairbrush and the spankings started. We both got somewhere between thirty and fifty hard spanks and we both howled like babies. We were redressed and sent to separate cars to sit on our sore bottoms until we were done crying then we were required to stay close by our mother's sides for the rest of the afternoon. I was terribly worried that I would get a dose of my father's belt when got home and heard the story but he came to my room told me that since my cousin wasn't getting spanked again, neither would I.

    I didn't talk with my cousin about this incident until we were both adults and could both laugh about it without being too embaressed. For her it was just a spanking along the way of life. She got many of them and some that were more severe but none that she remembered as more embaressing. For me this church spanking wasn't one and only in my teens.
    My last there and so was when I was almost 17. Two my friends and me got together for drinking. We were caught for couple beer and punishment for all us three was done immediately.

    1. It seems weird to me that spankings happened at the local church!! It is such an appropriate place.

      It is cruel that you have been spanked hard just for holding your cousin's hand... Maybe in rural places the fear of incest and degeneration in the small community was stronger than elsewhere (just a guess)
      Thank you for the input!

  6. You're most welcome, Alex. I was just lurking around similar blogs before, but I love your work so much that it was here I had to step out of the shadows, leave a comment and say hi. Been following you on Imagefap, kudos to you, great stuff.

    As for our fondly remembered bully, life certainly couldn't have been a bed of roses for him in the next days, as - understandably - some teasing was bound to follow. It might sound cruel but we were kids. And you know how kids are.
    Even though I felt little sorry for him while he was being spanked, after the “spectacle” I remember we sneaked into his room to laugh at him. We seemed to think his exposure in front of all girls was very funny. He just sat on the bed, silent and utterly mortified. And stayed out of everyone’s way for the rest of the trip.

    On the other hand, I don’t think this was such an everlasting shame as to make him a laughing stock of the neighborhood even into teenage years. We didn't live in a small village community, where everyone would know each other. And then, spankings were perceived as a common and acceptable occurrence back in the day. A kid misbehaved, kid got spanked, no big deal. It’s just that his punishment, as a repeat offender, took place in front of all peers and the teacher saw to it that he was left with no modesty whatsoever to drive the lesson home. Also, you finished primary school at 14 and went to a different school with different classmates, but at that point I guess the whole thing was rendered toothless by the passage of time. You know, just another story from when you were a small kid.

    Of course, if we had been older, say, 16-17, now that would have been a different cup of tea altogether!

    1. I am glad you like my work and Blog more than others, good to know people feel cosy in this place !
      Thank you again for your input
      Regarding your classmate, I wasn't only thinking of the teasing and gossiping in the neighborhood... I think it didn't do good to his self-esteem, maybe at a subconscious level... it might have been a long way home

  7. You have once again perfectly captured the emotions flooding through the girl. You can almost read her thoughts, about how she can't believe that she has gotten herself into such a horrible situation, a situation that she never believed for an instant she would ever find herself in. She has always believed that she was well above such indignities. Now she is about to be taken down a peg or two, and her classmates will never view her the same way again. How will she ever look any of them in the face again?

    1. That is the - terrible - idea indeed. We (almost) feel sorry for her