Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shopping panties for hubby !!

" I told the salesgirl we were there to buy panties for this gentleman here, for him to wear.
Oh dear! Both the salesgirl and my man's mouths dropped open at the same time! "
(Strict Julie's spicy life in November 2011).

I guess the staff and some customers may have been interested to take a little picture as souvenir? It could be a moment of glory when they show this to their colleagues at the habitual Friday after-work drink.
So this is the moment I have pictured above.

And how fun this is to suprise your man with this sweet humiliation? Thank you again Julie to have inspired me this !

What the next updates will be? I think I'll put aside the "retro medical" for a week or two. I have a "schoolgirl in much trouble", and some medieval stuff... yes, medieval. This genre is a little bit too explicit, I think I'll send most pictures to my VIPs only. I prefer these pages to keep their vanilla pink tone : ) But it's fun how different genres come out at the moment.
Talk to you later dear loyal readers


  1. Personally, I'd love to see more women embarrassed, so I'm looking forward to your next images.

    1. Next one is a woman VERY embarrased, promise!

  2. love that look on his face, have the idea of him being taken to the counter in just his argonauts shirt.

  3. What a lovely idea? Those tightie whitetys have got to go? How about some pantyhose? It's a thought? Evelyn.

  4. This boy is a high school loser, never made it with a girl. His mother alway forces him to go shopping with her... And now his two classmates have found something funny to post on facebook, obviously publicly shared! It's correct, Alex? :)