Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Careful when planning your holidays abroad

Of course this is NOT a proper update (I'll try to do it before this week-end). It's just that like most of you, I'm planning ahead my Summer holidays in Spring, and I've read stories on internet forums of people who had their holidays ruined by the customs or some foreign police. With a few scenes à la "Midnight Express". So I thought I would add this sweet illustration (because I feel for you, if you've made the effort to click toward this Blog, I want you to always leave with at least one pretty pic :).

I don't know for you, but there are some periods of your life when you don't think about sex-related things at all, and are a bit sick about it. So the last two weeks I didn't feed that Blog at all. But when the lust and kinkyness are back... it is back, you know what I mean. So I'm rolling my sleeves up to finish my half-made dozen pictures. As usual some will be public, some private, and I hope everybody will be happy.



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