Monday, May 27, 2013

Playing with MY rules

Beautiful Evilish look, isn't it? The pure joy to be in command and decide when and where it begins and stops.
For the lucky "VIPs" of this Blog, it comes with the pretty "Trapped forever" bonus :
Next bunch of pictures is almost done. Let's leave the cosiness of your house for the public areas of dozens of people witnessing your humiliation, if you agree. So the private pics will be at the beach and at the city's swimming pool, and I have yet to make one for non-VIPs, but I hope it will be done for next week-end.

Cheers !



  1. Diaper punishment is good method for improvement behavior of naughty teens

  2. All photos I've seen of women locking men in Chastity Cages have a striking similarity. The women's expressions of sheer glee. Distinctive, almost Unique.
    My Dominas are aghast and appalled at masturbation. They believe females should handle it exclusively.

    1. Her expression fits perfectly, but - it may dissapoint you - this model has nothing to do with F/m, it's all fake : )

    2. Fake or not? I love the pic & idea! Great work Alex! You go girl! It's not easy to put a boy or young man in a diaper? You need extra girlfriends too help you! Later on take your cute baby out in public surrounds! Now that's "Embarrassing & Fun" Jennifer A.