Friday, November 22, 2013

A guilty glance at her legs

Mmm... I'm talking to the men who follow my Blog rather than women. I know it happened to you to look furtively at her cleavage when she bends over, or have a quick look at her nylon crossed legs when she is seated... When she catches your eyes, she may feel genuinely offended, she may just not care, or she may feel flattered. In any cases, chances are you would feel guilty, and maybe even if you are not caught.
Well, sometimes, someone pays the price. Today it's this poor guy in the picture above : /


The bonus picture for VIPs is Le village 1901. In rural France, when the Ladies in the farms around are already taken, one can realizes he will probably never get married.
So better teach him something useful for his 20 years old birthday, like how to do it properly, and without staining the bed sheets. ...Since it's probably the only way he will pleasure himself for the rest of his days.

It's in your mailbox in a few minutes.
And yes, still working on retro medical pictures : ) But it's not that easy sometimes, especially when I try to make them in high definition !

Enjoy !



  1. thanks Alex
    nice post
    please post more teasing soon
    I love your posts

    1. Thank you for telling me so.
      Next time please sign your post!


  2. Turn about play is only fair, put him in a very, very short dress too show off his nylon panties, that's that! Madeline!

    1. Good idea ! We'll see if he finds it so amusing when others have a peek at his underwear ! ; )

    2. That's right, Alex! His underwear will be panties!" hee,hee" maybe some "pantyhose"? What ya think Alex? After I shave his legs, paint his toesy's too? Some girly shoes too? Happy st Patrick's day Madeline.