Thursday, November 14, 2013

Next time, you will call me " Madam " !!

This " ballbusting " concept may remind you " The Arab Spring ". Another time, another place, another social revolution.
Nice isn't it? Well, at least it is nice to me. I enjoyed making these artworks that are the reflect of a new social reality.

Meanwhile, I'm working on more retro medical for the "VIPs" of this Blog. Not sure yet when it will come out. 

For the non-VIPs, consider taking 20 seconds to vote on the " Love our lurkers " Blog entry below. I'm releasing just ONE private pic, but only if there is a clear winner! Otherwise, bah, no pic.

Enjoy !



  1. Remember your the boss, ladies! He should call everyone of us" Women" Madam" any man or boy, will get candle wax balls! If they don't heed too the call! Eva B.

    1. Eva, I love your ideas! A little barbaric, don't ya think? I dated and lived with a guy kept calling me "broad" ordering me around, I told the "male chavinest pig" I told him I have a name? It's not "broad" it's a pretty name " Casandra" he never called me madam, I think I would like that! Gives us girls some kind of respect, don't ya think? Next time I'll tell ya what happen,or what I did too mr.pig or miss piggy? "hee, hee" Casandra.