Sunday, August 3, 2014

Medical part 12 ( + CFNM, and even more matriarchy )


" Now turn back and bend down ".
This is the most simple version of the picture for your pretty Tumblr wall, but I suggest everybody download first the version with the great text by J. Wilkins. 
Yes, it means that he saw the picture before you and the rest of the world, but after this read, I think you will agree with me that he plainly deserves it!

And this is the extras the VIPs will receive in their mailbox in a few minutes :

The unblurred versions are high quality pictures (more than 500Ko)
" Adequate punishment "
" Mom's panty drawer (caught crossdressing) "

And the second medical picture : " Hospital's Open Day for local schools "

Enjoy !



  1. Nice Pictures, especially the open day at school one, already I have a story idea for that one. Anyway, as good as these are you know what I'm really waiting for, can't wait, can't wait Aaaaaaaaah!!

  2. Please don't share my picture here

  3. Great addition to the "medical" series Alex. I particularly enjoyed the storyline that accompanied the picture. It provides good context for the photo. The author left to the reader’s imagination what took place in the waiting room with the de-pantsing incident. The ingredients are certainly present to create a really humiliating experience for the teenager. Actually, the incident would be good fodder for a future art piece. How about this as a storyline.

    As Michael sat in the waiting room he tried to act real cool and impress the girl who walked in and sat next to him. She was a popular girl at his school. She was a seniors, he was a junior. He hoped his mother, who was out in the corridor on the phone with her office, would not come back while the girl was there. The girl told him she was there to talk to Dr. Armstrong about a summer internship. She said it would be good experience because she wanted to be a doctor. When she asked him what he was there for, he quickly changed the subject and tried to hide his face as it turned a light shade of red.

    Just at that moment he heard his name called. When he looked up he could not believe how young and pretty the girl who called his name was. She was dressed in blue scrubs. When she noticed the girl Michael was sitting with she excitedly approached. They must have known each other because both seemed excited to see the other, hugging and giggling. After a few minutes of conversation, the girl who called his name said she needed to get Michael ready for the doctor. She concluded by saying to the other girl good luck with the interview and I hope to see you before you leave. With that she turned to Michael.

    Looking around the office, she asked him, “Where’s your mom?” As his face turned beet red and before he could respond she went on to say, “No big deal, you look like a big boy to me who doesn’t need his mother with him to see the doctor.” As she and the totally humiliated Michael turned to leave, she turned back to the girl still seated and winked. Michael was lead to a scale in the corridor just beyond the waiting room. As they approached the instrument she, in a firm yet nonchalant manner, told him, Be a good boy and take off all your clothes except yours underpants for me and mount the scale so I can register your weight and height. Michael stopped in his tracks and feeling hot with embarrassment feebly mumbled, “Right here, people in the waiting room will see me. Can’t you do it with my clothes on. They don’t weigh very much. I’ll take off my shoes. ”

    Although she was really enjoying the situation, particularly knowing she held all the cards, she put her hands on her waist and in her most authoritative voice quickly and completely out-maneuvered the poor teenager by telling him, “Well Michael, I guess I was wrong about you being a big boy. I guess I’ll have to go find your mother and get her to make you obey my orders.” Even before she finished speaking Michael interrupted telling her, “No, please don’t do that. It isn’t necessary. I’ll obey.” Knowing he was beat she smiled at him and just to keep his level of unease high but at the same time sounding like she understood and cared about his predicament, in a motherly voice said, “Michael remember I’m not making you take off all your clothes, I’m letting you leave on your underpants.”

    As she stood there with hands on hips, Michael got as close to the wall as possible and facing it slowly shed his clothes in front of her. When he was undressed he mounted the scale as directed. He found it impossible to look at her as she went about her business. When she told him to turn around so she could get his weight he was shocked at what he saw. Not only was his mother there, the girl he had been sitting with was standing in the waiting room so that she was able to watch everything that was going on at the scale. Michael had never been so devastated in his entire life.


    1. It's a nice variation Piper. Some people say I have incredible imagination, but I wouldn't have imagined or turned the story this way. The complicity between the young students is sweet. I like to receive new ideas, it may influence the new pictures one way or another. Thank you!! : )

  4. It doesn't fit the picture above particularly but maybe it can be a little inspirational at's one I call 'A Moment of Medical CFNM Candor':

    'Well yes, to be honest don't mind if I call you Craig do you?' 'Yes Craig I DO enjoy ordering healthy and attractive male patients to strip completely nude.'

    'I enjoy it even more when they're so obviously shy like you, and better still when I'm having a slow day so that I can take my time and slowly but surely embarrass them by methodically examining their penises and testicles at my leisure.'

    'On such days I take a LOT longer to do their genital exams than is really necessary; and if they develop humiliating erections then so much the better'

    'But the very best part is doing deep and lengthy rectal exams on young men who absolutely don't need them...NOTHING turns me on more than thrusting a gloved finger deep into their well lubed bottoms over and over again until their penises reach full erection and start dripping big drops of precum!'

    1. I'm actually working on one of these unwanted humiliating erections : )

  5. Looking forward to it!