Sunday, February 22, 2015

Forced CFNM , vintage discipline , and " Auntyarchy " !

Forced to be volunteer, finally he is useful at something! :)
" Feeling useful may help building his self-esteem ", she said.

Bonus pictures you VIPs fill find in your mailbox in a few minutes :  )
June Cle(a)ver and firm answer : The good old answer to immoral magazines and shameful practice

Auntyarchy  is a little change from the usual matriarchy you find in these pages... New word, but still plenty of painful effects !


  1. Bonjour Mr Alex,

    Excellente idée !! Petite nuance lexicographique (mais traduction littérale difficile dans notre belle langue)
    "Tante : figure féminine familière mais parfois redoutable dans ses principes. Sœur du père ou de la mère. La terreur des grands garnements désobéissants." Entre Maman et Tata, laquelle choisir ??? Cruel dilemme ! Entre le martinet de Maman et la brosse à cheveux de Tata...

    1. Bonjour Charles,
      Je crois que la brosse à cheveux en bois de la Tante est bien plus douloureuse que le martinet. Mais pourquoi poser la question? Je crains que ce jeune homme - comme les autres jeunes hommes n'ont jamais le choix ! ; )

  2. Hi Alex,
    "Forced to be volunteer" is another masterpiece, a high-quality color picture with many female figures... and the brunette girl behind the boy is really young and pretty. You are definitely the best creator of cfnm pictures of the web.

    1. Really, "high-quality"? : ) I was very close NOT to do the picture, as the basic element was less than 200ko and a bit blurry. Mais it was worth a try indeed, I like the result now.
      And yes, the younger brunette girl was a crucial element for me, I love here wicked smile (and she looks familiar)
      As for " best creator of CFNM pictures on the web "... *blush*

      Thank you !


    2. I agree with Brad. Its very high quality. And I too love her wicked smile.And I would also say that you create the best CFNM pictures on the web

    3. Thank you so much Mark !! : )

  3. Young men being punished totally naked or forced to be nude in front of fully clothed others is so hot! More please

  4. Getting caught going through my girlfriends panty drawer was enough for me. It was not her who caught me, but her best friend.
    My girlfriend being informed had me try several on, her friend watching, I just wanted to find a place and hide, but no where to go, especially when you are wearing panties. Her friend said her husband did the same thing, but found sitting was not easy. It was then I found myself across my girlfriends lap, panties pulled down and the hairbrush doing the talking. After dancing around and rubbing my spanked bottom, the two enjoyed some tea while I stood facing the wall in the kitchen.

  5. I got my husband to wear panties and blouse and very short skirt to a Halloween party. I knew the skirt would show his panties if he moved the wrong way. He didn't know it. At the party I asked him to get items out of the cabinets. We all saw his panties. I had to remind him to close his legs while sitting. As the party ended our neighbor asked for a ride. On the way home she said he should be spanked for showing his panties. We had all had some drinks so I agreed and promised my tipsie husband I'd give him anal sex if he agreed. Soon he was across the table with his skirt flipped up. As she and I took turns with a hairbrush we lowered his panties. His ass was a bright red when we sent him to the corner. Next day I upheld my side of the bargain. Now several months later he always wears panties and at home skirts and blouses or nightgowns. He is spanked weekly, sometimes with my neighbor again. He always has corner time often clenching a small dildo in his hiney

  6. I love the idea of a matriarchal household, where the males of the family are stripped in front of the neighborhood women as the women laugh and clap.And the naked Father and Son have to serve drinks and food tot he clothed neighborhood women.

    And then stay home "Naked and in the kitchen" doing household chores, while the Mother,Daughter and the other neighborhood women , go out for a night out on the town.

    Nothing says "Female Supremacy" as a Father and Son doing housework naked, while the Mother and Daughter are out enjoying male strippers at a male revue


  7. I would have loved to be spanked naked by June Cleaver :)

  8. Me too... but without the hairbrush, much too painful :