Sunday, February 15, 2015

Unseen Barb O'Toole pictures

" Recently Chris and I uncovered this sketchbook from the period of 2008 through 2011. I was excited by directness and simplicity of some of the drawings. I feel that the pieces communicate their narrative content nicely. 
Barbara "
I had the pleasure to receive these pictures from Barb today. Above are just details of pieces with more characters. I love how realistic they are, how " middle-class, next-door " women look ! Each picture has an handwritten title that tells you what it is about.
If you are interested in these private pictures, you can communicate with Barb & Chris, their address is further down this page

And me? I'm finishing the next pervy Medieval update, very " Game of Thrones ". John Wilkins is helping me writing a story for each image. It will be up later this week, a private set for VIPs but I'll choose one picture to post in this place full of pretty kinky people.
EDIT February 17: well, maybe not, I now have a new "CFNM" set ready as well. Decisions, decisions...



  1. Bonjour Mr Alex,

    Encore une perle de l'excellente Mrs Barbara ! Travail soigné, ambiance légère en trait mais ferme dans l'action... Superbe.
    Elles est certainement une des rares femmes dessinatrices dans le domaine du "Hom(m)e spanking Mom". Rires.
    Ces femmes sont à la fois redoutables et redoutées bien que bienveillantes et agissant pour le bien de leurs grands garnements. Ah , ces Mamans, ces tantes et ces Nounous: toutes de redoutables fesseuses !!!
    Merci pour ces pépites. Bonne journée.

    1. " Home (bitter)sweet home " !
      Merci pour ce commentaire : )

  2. Mr Alex,

    On pourrait même paraphraser: "Mom sweet Mom ". Rires.
    Par opposition aux cuisantes fessées qu'elles administrent à tour de bras. Charles.

  3. I would hope that more unseen and unpublished illustrations come to light ... in some aspects these are even more proficient than some of the earlier illustrations ....

  4. I love the nun spanking pic. I went to a catholic school and could always imagine the nun spanking my bare bottom over her knee. Please show more of these pics