Thursday, June 9, 2016

NEW Barbara O'Toole's works " SPANKING SPECIAL "

This new set simply reminds me why Barbara is my number 1 source of inspiration. 
She is the Mistress of bittersweetness. A world of pain and shame looking so familiar and subtile. 

I am proud she has chosen this place to make announcements when she has new works ready.
To know how much it is to add these 10 pieces to your collection, just write directly to : 
 b_o2l AT yahoo com
Thank you for your support anyway, and so to encourage her to find the time to create others. 

To me it looks unique. I personally think people in 50 years will consider her whole collection as a cultural reference of its time, just like Norman Rockwell's pin ups. 

On a sidenote, my new private set (including "Hand speech", see text below) should be ready next week-end.




  1. Barbara is a HUGE favorite of mine too!

  2. barb was one of the reasons i got into spanking art. i love her work so much. some how i remember reading of the first and second sets of new art. some how i didn't get around to ordering it. i will see if i can get all three.. i guess i somehow never traded blog following with you. hope you can make me one of yours, tommysptotiginslsrt@blogspot. com
    Sorry for repeating some how so many times. just have been extremely busy for about 2 years now. do get to do occasional updates to my blog but not as many as i wish i had time for.
    keep up the great work coming. tommyspt

  3. o tryed to send e mail to the adress above and it would not go. got the same message 2 times There was a problem!
    The recipient info doesn't seem quite right. Please look it over and try again. can you check it out and get back to me. thanks

    1. It works... AT is " @ " and after it's
      I do this to avoid spammers on her address.
      If problems, just write to me : )

    2. thank you. i will send it again. keep up the great work. i look forward to your posts

    3. Yes. Substitute the AT with @ and it should work fine. That's the addy I use with her. If you want the portfolio, it's $25.00, and they use PayPal and her partners email to send payment. BTW, this is portfolio number 7. I'm sure you'll find the others well worth your while. Her artwork is superb.


    It was going to be a long 3 months of giggles, darting eyes, whispers and pointed fingers at summer camp… suit or not, swimming was mandatory.

  5. Bonjour Mr Alex, et vous tous...

    Superbe, ces nouvelles "maternal spankings" comme disent nos voisins anglo-saxons.
    Miss Barbara reste une icône en matière de fessées féminines. J'admire cette minutie et ce réalisme des personnages et des mises en scène. Du travail d'orfèvre !! Rires. Ces saynètes doivent rappeler bien des douloureux à certains d'entre nous...
    Merci à vous de nous offrir ces "pépites".
    Bon Dimanche.

    1. C'est exactement ça, du travail d'orfèvre : )
      " Le Diable est dans les détails " comme on dit, et ici il a un sens supplémentaire...

    2. Bonsoir Mr Alex,

      A défaut d' "enfer", ces Dames, que dis-je ces irremplaçables virtuoses de la claque fessière, s'échinent à nous mettre... le feu aux fesses !!! Rires.

  6. Barbara is fantastic. Thanks for posting, Alex. One can dream up some delicious scenarios for the scene where the two male patients have been made to remove everything for their exams being administered by an all-female team of medical personnel. My attention is drawn to the goings-on in the background. Seems like this fellow is in the process of being examined by the doctor. Given the look on his face and the fact he appears to be dismounting the examining table, did she instruct him to stand in front of her so she could perform a genital check...or, was he obeying her direction to get up on the table on all fours so she could give him a rectal exam?

  7. I've checked the original and much larger picture, my bet is on a genital check of his too little penis.
    Best way to make your own idea: buy her whole set dammit!! : )

  8. Along with Sardax and Stanton her work bestrides the depiction of the Female Led art world.

  9. Bottom left picture. Boy naked over lap getting spanking in a doctor's office. I'm not surprised he's not get his temperature taken too. Would be pure humiliation for him.