Friday, June 3, 2016

Teaser for " Hand Speech " artwork

The next update is almost ready! Below is the brillant text our friend J. Wilkins has written for the " Hand speech " artwork (to be precise, there are two pictures in this artwork). I am not sure yet if it will be the public picture on this Blog, but at least you have the text.
Soon... until I'm finished working on the different artworks

June 12 2015
Dear Diary

Today was definitely the last straw. I’m so over this shit now. Who the fuck does she think she is charging into my room like some fucking prison warden. What music I listen to and what I do with my clothes is my own godammn bizness. Why would I buy fucking ripped jeans when I can rip them myself, duh! Next time she tries that shit tho, I’m having none of it. Just like the singer of Grizzly Dodo always says/screams- “Drop out! Tune in! And flip the world a fuckin dodo bird!” Well maybe I won’t flip her the bird lol! Maybe the old ‘talk to the hand’ will do the trick. Anyway, I can feel it. Tomorrow the shackles come off!
XOXO @lostFaith  
June 13 2015
Dear Diary
Today I have been a very stupid girl. Momma was not interested in talking to my hand. It was her hand that did all the talking. I am sorry that I wrote all those horrible things about her yesterday. She is only trying to make sure I grow into a proper young lady. From now on I will always listen to and obey Momma. She says that I could become a journalist one day but I need to tighten up my punctuation and stop making wilful spelling errors. Momma will now check not only my homework but all of my texts to make sure my grammar is acceptable. She will also check you diary. She said that if I had any complaints my bottom can have another talk with her hand. Goodbye Diary.
Yours Sincerely
Faith Ann Martha Robinson


  1. That was fun, thank you as ever J. Wilkins.

    I really like the contrast between the two entries, the grammar, the tone, the way she signs off. One could guess the flip the bird would not go well and enjoyed the way talk to the hand was flipped around and the way mother uses journalism to get access to diary and texts

  2. Thank you very much! Feedback is always appreciated :)

    J Wilkins

  3. Photoshop-able…

  4. Can't wait. Sounds like the little Miss had a personality change too...