Saturday, March 25, 2017

Save all my public medical pictures in one click !!

Next week I plan to release the " Medical part 17 " update.
Yes, 17 already, it's been years I've started this...
So to save you the hassle to dig in the depths of this site for the 16 previous parts, I've gathered them in one single file below.

Handy eh? 

And as I said, next week I'll post a new opus. 1 or 2 public pictures here, and the others for the VIPs.
Do you think I haven't updated often enough these pages lately? (personally, I do)

Have a nice week-end!! 



  1. Thanks for the collection and a reminder of how long it has been. I think (my memory could be very wrong) the first one I saw here wasn't a medical one but Very Hot Summer and then worked through your archives. Didn't realize how long ago that was.

    Great to see you updating and I hope you also have a lovely weekend

    1. So "Very Hot Summer" was your first? : )
      It's nice to hear what was the picture that made people know what I do.
      I think for most people it's Wicked Angel
      This picture looks very popular.
      Yes it's been years new... I'm sometimes ashamed of my first works technically. There are some mistakes I don't do anymore, I can see the improvement.

    2. I loved that picture: the moment of intimacy, the way you created a sense of the world she lived in (and the lady suited that situation), the description of her breasts, how she would feel if she ever knew what people could see.

      I didn't recall Wicked Angel but I liked it: the little grin, the devil horns (on shadow and your name), the telling off. I can see why that acted as a lure.

      It would be worrying if you looked at your past works and didn't see things you would be doing better now! I imagine looking back on the archive is always easier for the viewer rather then the artist. The base of what works with you (the humour, the eye for the little touches, the scenario's and inventiveness) was clearly there from early on but your right, your technical skills have improved a lot. Your old work is good, I enjoy looking back at them sometimes, but one can see the difference between then and now on things like lighting, writing has gone up another level and so on. Be proud of it

    3. I'm glad you noticed " Very hot summer ". I wanted to picture the most intense frustration possible with this 27 years old virgin woman, when the nature in bloom is so beautiful it hurts. Sometimes nature seems to tell us in a subltle way that time is passing and death is next door. This woman is trying to get rid of this deep anxiety the best way she can.

      Thank you for your input regarding my work : ) Yes it's hard for me to look at some old pictures, thinking they are all over the net now and they could have been better, bah...

      But I don't think I've improved much the past months. Maybe I need a new software to challenge me. I'm pushing a VERY old one to its limits : ) Think that all ths pictures I was done is from a free software that was given with a scanner to change red eyes and resize your picture!

    4. Yes the beauty and romance of a beautiful summer's day, no doubt seeing all the other couples (and the single men) in the summer community events, that her own bloom (I enjoyed the fruit comparison to her breasts) may soon fade as summer fades into autumn.

      If it helps, if I see things I wrote back then, I have my head in hands. In ten years, I will no doubt be doing the same about things I write today.

      Impressive work with something that's main selling point now sounds so simple. If you feel you have gone as far as you can with that technology and you have the spare cash for an upgrade+a sense of what software you want, go for it. I imagine it will be frustrating at first as you adjust to it but if it allows you to further with your artistry then it will be worth it.

    5. The fruit comparison was on purpose indeed, we are on the same page. You must be one of the few who is truly connected with my universe.

      Actually I'm already using another software for a specific effect. So little by little, I'm experiencing new things. But I just know to well my good old software to migrate to another : ) , it's not a matter of cash

  2. Bonjour Alex,

    Le monde médical et ses strictes infirmières et ses doctoresses sexy (ou l'inverse, au choix): voilà de quoi faire ses premières armes sous la couette. Rires.
    La honte est de devoir passer la visite médicale quant on est mineur avec la présence de Maman et surtout si le docteur... est une femme !!
    Personnellement, mes médecins étaient tous masculins. C'était les infirmières pour les injections d'antibiotiques qui me troublaient, en particulier celles qui étaient de la même génération que celle de ma mère (entre 45-50 ans à cette l'époque).
    J'ai le souvenir d'une de ces "anges de guérison ":
    Geneviève était son prénom : grande, blonde, mi-bouclée, avec un physique généreux sans être imposant, C'était fin 1978 et j'entrais au Collège,
    en classe de 6è. Avec ma très mauvaise santé, j'ai toujours fréquenté le monde des infirmières qui méritent, à mon avis, tout notre respect.
    Merci pour nous/me faire rappeler tous ces agréables souvenirs.
    20/20 pour votre travail prolifique et fouillé. Avec les félicitations du Jury! Of course!

    1. Merci beaucoup Charles! : )
      "prolifique"? Un peu moins récemment, malheureusement
      La présence d'un parent, même à 20 ans, était fréquente jusque dans les années 60 dans certains coins des USA on dirait. C'est pourquoi certaines photos sont très appréciées, elles rappellent des souvenirs qui sont maintenant érotisés!