Sunday, April 2, 2017

NEW Barbara O'Toole's portfolio : feminization, potty training...

Tadaaa!! Another world premiere: I'm proud to introduce Barbara O'Toole latest artworks! 
Another wave of unseen subtile perviness will hit the internet. And I must say it may push further away the standards for male humiliation.
Feminization, potty training in public (not all characters can be seen in these reframed little icons) ...I feel like Barbara is telling to herself the same thing as me when she is starting a new picture " try to imagine the WORST situation ever, try to make the other pictures look politically correct in comparison..."

I love the new ideas, and the attention to details (the 1970s feeling in the top left picture, the severe expression of an Aunt, the grin on the face of a maid...)

To make a donation and add these 10 new pieces to your collection, just write directly to :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

(and me you may ask? What about the promised medical update? Well sorry, now this new Barbara O'Toole announcement needs to stay a bit at the top of this site. And it buys me a few days to re-work a few things (phieeew, how convenient!). When I look at Barb's pictures, I feel you never work enough. But hey, we have never been that close to that medical update!)




  1. Bonsoir Alex,

    Toujours le même plaisir de découvrir les toutes dernières "perles" de miss Barbara.
    Elle retranscrit avec beaucoup de talent toutes ces ambiances très "infantilisantes" que certains d'entre nous ont pu vivre dans leur jeunesse. un peu comme une sorte de "story-board" très réussi.
    (En toute modestie, mes dessins dans cette ambiance "maternisante à l'excès" font figures de simples ébauches. Rires.)
    Et merci pour le comm'. La patte de l'expert.

    1. Bonsoir Charles,
      Un beau jour, il faudra quand même que vous vous accordiez un petit cadeau pour lui acheter ses images, parce que j'ai un peu pitié que vous trouviez satisfaction dans cet aperçu, qui est loin de la qualité réelle des images (je dis pas ça par mercantilisme hein, je ne touche rien dans l'affaire. C'est pour vous, elle, et la bonne cause des images infantilisantes à l'extrême : )
      A part ça, vous êtes mon seul commentateur francophone depuis un moment, merci!

    2. Bonjour Alex,

      Merci pour votre compliment qui est très flatteur pour moi. Bref.
      De toutes les punitions imposées par une de ces terribles "Maman en colère", celle de la féminisation est certainement la plus humiliante.
      Etre sévèrement fessé par Maman en étant habillé en garçon reste convenable pour notre égo, même devant ses amies ou proches, mais "travesti en vilaine gamine insolente", qui plus est avec les affaires des grandes sœurs, représente la pire des hontes !!! J'en conviens.
      Remarquez : on peut trouver un compromis en portant le costume des Highlanders écossais. Un peu à la manière du jeune héros du fameux roman de la Comtesse de Ségur intitulé " Un bon petit Diable" (1865) qui est dénommé Charles Mac-Miche.
      J'ai lu ce roman quant j'étais gamin il y a une quarantaine d'années. à l'Ecole Primaire... Belle époque pour moi. Mais c'était avant...Rires.

  2. Great!
    Another kind of scene that might me extremly embarrassing: Being examined by some young female doctors while one or two girls (pupils, students) are present to observe it. They may be trainees in that clinic and watch how to examine or treat a boy.
    Actually, this is what I find most embarrassing!



  3. Actually, there is one picture like this in next update!!
    Like I read in your mind : )

    1. Oh, really? I can't expect it! Love to see it, especially if they wear white overalls and rubber gloves ;-)


    2. They wear white, the Doctor only has gloves : )

  4. I just spent $100 on this and 3 other portfolios by Barb and my favorites from this set are: 1.Top left(I love how the boys mother(?) is in the middle of pulling his tighty whities off right as the girls(I assume his sister and her friend) walk in.) 2. Fourth down on the left(I like how the boys mother is holding his tighty whities in her hands, the smirk on the maids face and how all of the neighborhood ladies are right in the next room.) 3. Second down on the right(I really love the grin on the woman's face as the two red bottomed bottomless boys are made to do the dishes.) Anyway I can't wait for your next update Alex!

    1. I love the top left one too!! The interaction between the mother and the young girls is perfect! I love the expression of the blond one especially.
      But I'm not sure it's his young sisters. The title of the picture is " Oops wrong room ". It could be an hotel room in the 70s. The door wasn't fully closed, and these 2 young girls entered by mistake (or not) : ) I like to think they are perfect little stangers

  5. you should start an "embarrassed naked male"/cfnm bloggers network, like The Spanking Bloggers Network >:)

    1. That's an idea! : )
      But this place keeps me busy enough at the moment.
      Update tonight!

    2. Half way down we see an embarrassed 18 year old flat on his mother's bed, underpants and jeans abandoned, after a paddling by his school mistress Mom. Sadly for him, his sister's there as well. These punishments- always with his sister present, always on his bare bottom, always with a paddle or wooden hairbrush- happen on average every two weeks. Up till now they've let him lie there, red bottom on display, until he cools off and, with his erection subsiding, he's been able, with them out of the room, to slip off the bed and quickly pull his clothes on but today- uh-oh, wouldn't you know it- his sister takes the call from their Gran, ringing to thank him for his thoughtful birthday present and the females expect him to get up- seven-incher throbbing rigid from his groin- and stumble to the phone. And his T shirt is so damn short! And his sister is itching to get a look at him, never having seen his dick, and his Mom seems delighted at the prospect! And hell! He'll be standing there, chatting away, with one hand holding the phone and the other trying to shelter his very hard hardon! They'll see...everything! What's a poor fella to do? "Com'on Timmy, get up. She wants to talk to you..."

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