Monday, June 26, 2017

Public humiliation (beach-only update)

The first one, Romeo back at his place, " is quite the inspirational picture ", as J. Wilkins told me. Only I regret I couldn't reach graphical perfection in terms of lights, like this one in my opinion.

The second public picture Hormones and frustration, is not perfect either. But I hope you will enjoy it as much as me. It is about the same idea as this private picture at the swimming pool , but at the beach this time.
It also reminds me of this very old one in the street.

You VIPs will get the 2 additional bonus pictures, which again push further the concept of public shame. The top left one, Sandworm, is the one that decided me to make a beach-only update.

In case someone is wondering, the naked boys are more than 18 - which make things even worse for them in my opinion! 

Comments are always welcome. Donations may be necessary to support these pages, but feedback is also rewarding to me, thank you! 

And I'll see if I can finish that damned 5th beach picture, and if I will make it public or private. 
Until then, enjoy this (and the Barb's portfolios)!!

Don't forget to protect yourself with suncream,



  1. Hello again Alex! While I enjoy all four of the new pictures, I think the two private pics are the best. I love the sph in Sandworm, and the teenage boys embarrassing erection in front of the two older girls and what I assume to be his own mother in The shock of seeing half-naked women for real. Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes, it is his mother indeed. The text for this picture will come soon : )
      Thank you for the feedback!!

    2. Bonjour Alex,

      Cette sortie à la plage est pleine de surprises...
      A l'âge où les filles commencent à titiller nos hormones mâles et nous embarrassent à la fois, la présence de toutes ces "belles sirènes" affole nos sens. Et cela n'est pas toujours du goût de ces dames... qui s'empressent de nous le faire savoir séance tenante !!! La pire des hontes ? une fessée déculottée devant tout le monde ! Of course !
      Good luck, camarade !

    3. Merci Charles,
      Profitez bien du soleil (cuisant comme ladite fessée déculottée devant tout le monde)

  2. The beach ones are my favorite! Love how the witnesses don't spare the young man any embarrassment or try to ignore the situation, they tease and gawk at him. And the lads aren't able to put on a brave face; they clearly are on the verge of tears being the only one naked and not being able to stop anyone from seeing their bodies and most intimate parts.

    One idea for swimming CFNM: a correctional summer camp by the lake for delinquent young men 18+... perhaps losing swim brief privileges?

    1. Nowhere to hide indeed!

      It seems like many of you like these summer situations

      I like the summer camp idea, only I don't like the boys to be delinquents, my boys are typically well-mannered and far too dependent to their mom ; )

  3. I love the way you carefully added a laughing lady in the background of Romeo and his little tear drop. I enjoyed the expressions from the ladies at his....misfortune and the sense of authority from Ebba

    1. Ha! I can always count on you to spot these details : )
      I regret I couldn't fix some other little things, but it's good enough isn't it?

      Yes, " Ebba " was the starting point of this picture. I've edited her a bit, but she immediately made an impression of strong motherhood to me

  4. Your beach photos always hit home with me. I have a younger sister (she's 29) who acts very maternally toward me. We live near a beach and she recently told me how if I misbehaved she wouldn't hesitate to pull my swimming trunks down and spank me in front of everyone at the beach. The location we go to is frequented my many middle-aged single women who would probably enjoy the site.

    1. So you may be tempted to act something subtle! : )
      Get into the stage!

    2. I more than know how Curious Shane feels. I have a younger cousin in her mid-30s who treats me much the same. The difference being that Jessica hasn't hesitated to do that! And at 51, it makes it quite humiliating when she decides I need some discipline or scolding. Though it's rare she does so, just knowing she has done it in the past keeps me on my toes.