Saturday, August 12, 2017

Barbara O'Toole - NEW portfolio 12 !!

Dear collectors, Chers collectionneurs, 
Someone has again been more productive and creative than me. 

" In this group, I have explored some new situations and returned to some from the past. " 

I particularly enjoy Grandma's Visit: the age difference, the gap between two universes. The beautiful next-door Grandma and the naked teen, now so harmless in his room full of hardcore music references : ) 

To make a donation and add these 10 new pieces to your collection, just write directly to :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

(is it August already? And I haven't posted new pictures since end of June?? Shame on me...)

Have a nice week-end everyone : )



  1. Grandma's visit is one of my favorites as well, along with mom steps in(I love it because it features a butt naked teen boy in a cramped room full of professionally dressed middle-aged women), and a stern reminder(I love how all of what I assume to be the teen boys female relatives are wearing one piece swimsuits). I can't wait for your next update!

  2. Bonjour Alex,

    Merci pour ce florilège...
    La fessée devant témoins. Le sommet de la honte.
    La 3è. photo de la colonne de droite ressemble à l'ambiance de mes saynètes. Rires.
    Quant à l'ambiance médicale, elle ajoute aussi une touche particulière. La fessée peut être alors prescrite en cas de "bétisite aigüe".
    Ca rappellera de biens douloureux souvenirs.

  3. Bonjour Charles,

    Où peut-on lire vos saynètes ?

  4. Bonjour Mr J.Stern,

    Merci pour votre intérêt pour mes dessins.
    Pour l'instant, mes modestes saynètes dorment encore dans mes cartons et sont prêtes à être exposées mais la mise en place du site tarde à venir... Ca mijote...