Sunday, October 29, 2017

" Wee like a little girl ", and other embarrassing moments

What do you think of these new pictures?

You lucky VIPs are also going to receive:
- the original colour version of Wee like a little girl, with the text.
Die sadistische Gouvernante.
- A lesson for today and forever, with J. Wilkins' text. Here is a short extract:

" Though young, Ms. Huckabee was a hard-core feminist of the old style. The whole neighborhood knew it. Mike knew it. A couple of his friends who had been “persuaded” to visit her knew it. Her latest worthy cause was an attempt to ensure that no boy in the neighborhood ever grew into another Harvey Weinstein. "

Hope you'll enjoy it all!!



  1. Bonjour Alex,

    Des photos de John Wilkins, expert en "couples fesseurs " (cf. in : "Spank" de EroticPrints)
    Voilà à un cuisant programme en perspective !
    De bien belles Maitresses-femmes, terreurs certaines des adolescents timides et boutonneux. Ca va chauffeeeeeeeeeeeer !!!!!
    Ah le fameux mythe de la Fraulein Müller, die schreckliche Gouvernante. Ach ! Kleine Chenapan !!! Elle ne manquera pas, j'imagine, de façonner ses "protégés" vers une obéissance parfaite !! Attendons la suite...

    1. Merci pour le commentaire : )
      La suite dans 2 semaines j'espère

  2. I liked J.Wilkins text extract

    On ye olde picture, good wallpapers and costumes as well as the colour. Nice touch the childish picture on the potty and it feels like something is about to happen. Even the picture feels like it is looking down on him yet I don't think the ladies quite land the usual punch. The older lady looks a bit shocked rather then fierce, the younger certainly has a pleased smirk (which I imagine text runs with) but the eyes don't quite feel like they are looking at him.

    Vanished pride: I like the symbol in top left-hand corner, she seems pleased and I like the gentle touch between them. She is in control of the situation and he looks away ashamed

    1. Thank you for the precise feedback again mackaie : )
      Strange, as I waited a long time until I found the exact 2 models I wanted. And the older Lady looks pretty angry to me... a matter of interpretation or own experience I guess.
      Vanished pride: exactly. I wanted her to hold his hand, even if what happened before and will happen after is not sweet at all...

  3. It's so great to see a Fair Discipline Nanny again! Great! Especially with this cute teen boy laying on the floor and lovely holding her hand, showing that he really needed it and is thankful to her.
    One improvement could be some semen on his abdomen to prove that he has come while she was doing her work.

    Hopefully there is more to come from the FD Nannies as well as some Balls Pacifiers in action. I would appreciate so.

    Keep it up!


    1. Thank you for the comment Raphael!
      Ha! The Balls Pacifier, it's been too long isn't it?? : ) (and some boys who have it say the same)

  4. Once again proves that the woman's hand can love and correct. My girlfriend hand is such, wish more females would do more spankings of the males no matter who maybe present, it is long over due. I will attest my erections mean nothing to my girlfriend and she makes it a point to show me how limp it is after the spanking.

  5. A tender hand of contrition and affection from him and of care and affection from her. I think it vital that young women get experience of controlling and commanding young males. And showing them that they can hurt young men's pride and bottoms and show that they are prepared to be stern in their love. Femsup