Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Barbara O'Toole - NEW portfolio 13 !!

Again, what I admire the most is the classy / next door look of the women in charge. Also the attitude, the overall composition of the picture, the young and old witnesses, these are the details that make it works or not. 
" Devil is in the details " they say. Unfortunately for these young boys, the Devil is clearly working against them here.

In addition the titles of the images, and some witty details out of these little frames, give precious indications about the story behind these horrible moments.
My favorite is "Mother Suspicions". Because as you may know, the scenes I like the most are punishment caused by masturbation and/or owning pictures of half-naked Ladies. 

Mothers with moral values who protect their kids from depravation until they are 21... it is actually what my update seems to be about. Thank you for your patience! 

To make a donation and add these 10 new great pieces to your collection, just write directly to her :  b_o2l AT yahoo com




  1. Hello Alex! I'm sorry I didn't comment on your last update. I didn't know what to add other than vanished pride fallen angel was my favorite. I just purchased Barb's new artwork and The RingLeader is definitely my favorite! I like to look at it as a sequel to Intervention with the boys trying to get revenge by peeping into the girls locker room, only to be caught by their teacher. Also I love the little detail of each of the boys tighty whities resting on the desks of one of their female classmates!

  2. How do you purchase the pictures?

    1. You need to email Barbara at b_o2l@yahoo.com, and she will tell you the PayPal account you need to send the money to. It costs $25 for each set of 10 photos, and if you want the other sets(or portfolios) just type in Barbara O'Toole in the search bar at the top of this blog so you can find out the titles and then email Barbara and tell her which ones you want.

    2. OK thank you!

  3. Goodness! Those scrotums on display! How humiliating for the fellas beings spanked- for example,for that boy over the lap of the lean, bespectacled Mom! She is looking down at his penis bulb and his perineal tendon! (As a female doctor I have got to know these body parts, not least in each of the thousands of school medicals I've had the pleasure of performing.) Anyway, fun for her, embarrassing for him! And the two young men totally stripped off- one bent over showing his testicle bag hanging between open thighs, the other being belted with his cheeky ballsac peeping back out at his angry mother! I guess for the moms it's all part of the humiliation being meted out at errant young males. How nice to see the females dedicated to the notion of total clothing deprivation. Again, professionally, it's been a rich part of my own life.

    1. How nice. Any chance that you do medical exams on adult boys too?

  4. Bonsoir Alex

    L'éternel "Double Trouble" de nos voisins anglo-saxons et leur sempiternelle morale.
    Le duel moral Mère-Fils: certes nécessaire mais parfois un peu pesant.
    Mais nos Mamans se mettent en devoir de nous inculquer les bases d'un bon départ dans la vie. Que serions nous sans leur (cuisante) maternelle bienveillance....
    Et Mrs Barbara excelle encore une fois dans ce domaine. Of course.
    Bonnes fêtes de Noël à tous.

  5. Just got Portfolio 13 and I love most of them. I agree that "The Ringleader" is probably my favorite, just for the humiliation aspect of it. Not only spanked in front of the girls in the nude, but other male classmates too! A close second is "Mother's Club Meeting". Imagine that poor boy! Especially if all the ladies get a turn spanking him! "Say Hi to Grandma" is great too. The boy's face is the perfect combination of pain and humiliation. I'm not sure I'd share such a thing online though. Might get hacked and he'd be on the internet forever. A special one for me is "Urgent Communication" because it plays into a long-time fantasy of being spanked bare-bottomed after school by a certain teacher I had a crush on. Barb really outdid herself with this group!