Saturday, March 31, 2018

Barbara O'Toole - NEW portfolio 14 !!

The new wonderful set is available! : )  

Somehow to remember me that Barb is more successful than me these days. I can't finish this new set (but I'm working on it again this week-end).

" Standards and practices " is my fave I think. The two worrying kids watching a maternal spanking scene in a garden on TV. I love the look of the laughing mother (not framed in this thumbnail), it looks premonitory...

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new private pictures for my VIPs this week-end, no matter what : )



  1. Bonsoir Alex,

    Comme disent nos voisins anglo-saxons : take your time ! Rires.
    Ma'am Barb' nous régale de ses saynètes. Toujours égale à elle-même. Clair et net. Une sorte de :
    "PeterPan in Spankingland".
    Son style me fait penser à de "l'après-photo".
    La 6è. vignette montre une fessée en NetB ,dans un poste de TV. Non ?
    Au final , peu de femmes se spécialisent dans les scènes de fessées "éducatives" dessinées (?).
    C'est un peu ce que je continue à faire d'ailleurs
    Bonnes Fêtes de Pâques à toi.

  2. I really like sets 13 & 14, I'd like to know more about whats going on in some of them. "In very good hands" and "try this" I'm sure have great stories behind these pictures.

    1. I think the story behind "In very good hands" is pretty obvious. The couple is leaving for a great night out.
      They are leaving their son in very good HANDS with a "Nanny with Fair Discipline", who is allowed to use spanking and diapering if necessary : )

  3. Bonsoir Charles : )

    En effet, c'est une fessée déculottée d'un vilain garnement dans un jardin. Les enfants regardent la télévision choqués, la maman au look rétro à côté d'eux éclate de rire... on imagine les 3 personnages dans d'autres circonstances dans un futur proche... ; )

  4. Last picture on left hand side and next to last picture on right hand side, I would want to be that boy. Barbara is so good with her drawings that I find myself alone in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet enjoying them, and slowly stroking my erection.

    1. That is also the magic of the smartphone I guess, as long as it doesn't fall in the toilets

      (I prefer Barb's pictures on my large screen : )

  5. Hello Alex! My personal favorites are The Class Clown and especially The Birthday Boy because it features the perfect humiliation of a boy wearing nothing but his birthday suit(which is very appropriate attire considering its his birthday lol) in front of his own mother and sisters or female classmates. P.S.- Is your update going to be today or next week?

    1. Hello Dennis,
      Yes, I love The Class Clown too!! It's one of these cases when CFNM works. Poor thing...
      The update will be today or tomorrow : )
      This evening (French time) I guess.
      But it won't mean an entry on this Blog, I want Barb's thumbnail to stay at the top for a while

  6. I like the doctor holding the males hands as his Mother spanks him for making a fuss about the nurse lubricating her hands about to fist his bottom.Femsup

  7. love the principal's office / bottom left corner time / outside porch spanking :D especially the detail in the first: young man crossing his arms to try to cover his embarrassment

  8. The spanking bare bottom in front of the class sould come back in school and hight school for boys only