Sunday, April 15, 2018

The dangerous, jolie - JULIE

Above is the teaser of the private pictures I've sent to my loyal VIPs. 
If you click on the free picture to enlarge it, you may feel some pain under the belt (if you are a boy that is, no specific warning for the Ladies who follow this page).

ANYWAY, it's not really the purpose today, as there is an even bigger threat to the boys who misbehave.

A jolie nightmare named Julie 

Julie lives with David, and loves to torment him in many embarrassing & fun ways.

I love to follow their adventures HERE , because she has such a pervy imagination and subtile sense of humour. 

What I like the most is her public scenarios, we had a discussion about it a few years ago. There are many pages on internet about spanking in couples and the dominant role of the woman. But if I keep coming back to her pages, it's because there is something else
Just like you keep coming back here because you feel it's a bit special (or you only like Barb's teasers in these pages, which is fine too. Just don't tell my little ego please). 

She has recently honoured me with this entry . She is the only person who was allowed to pick a few of my private pictures and make them public (pardon me dear VIPs, but you still have so many in your private collection : ). 
I was a bit surprised with some of her choices, because they are not my best graphically. But she picked one that represents each of my favourite themes. It all makes sense at the end. It's very nice to have a rational an exterior point of view on what I'm doing! 

We have lot in common. Her stories make me blush or excite me, and at the end I sometimes experiment this strange feeling of guiltyness like the teen I was with a lingerie catalogue in my trembling hands.
So for a change, I may picture someone caught red handed checking Julie's pages... : )

Imagination is beautiful. It's so nice to know there are audacious people out there who love to experiment inexpressible fantaisies, rather than seeing life like another straight line from point A to point B (B being death).

For science, and for fun too, please keep up the good job Julie. 


  1. Thank you for the post-back, Alex. A lot of people visiting and posting their own "Alex moments" in the comments!

  2. Bonsoir Alex,

    Un bel hommage rendu à votre site dans les colones de miss Julie, dont je visite très peu le site. Pour une fois que nos voisins anglophones, saluent le travail d'un collègue francophone, on ne va pas s'en plaindre. C'est tellement rare. Ca vaut bien un " 10/10 ! Avec les compliments du Jury".
    My God ! Le "Girl Power" contre-attaque ! "Un cauchemar nommé Julie". Wahou !! Percutant la réaction des filles. Good luck, camarade !
    Ah les fameuses "pages "interdites" des catalogues
    Je l'ai feuilletais aussi et furtivement tout en écoutant les éventuels pas de ma mère dans l'escalier. Ma maman les considérait comme la façon la plus correcte pour moi de découvrir les femmes. A défaut de pouvoir me payer des revues coquines dont je n'avais pas encore l'âge de lire.
    (Votre maitrise de la langue anglaise me stupéfait)
    C'était nos premières armes, en somme.
    Encore merci pour toutes ces pépites.

    1. Merci pour ce commentaire Charles : )
      Oui, Julie c'est le "girl power" avec le plein d'imagination!

      Je pense faire un update ce week-end

  3. Her stories give the "heat", makes me horny.