Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ladies too! (spanking and public shame)

Once or twice a year, Ladies are punished too. 

I know many of you prefer when boys only are concerned, when it's only about " CFNM " or medical, but at some point, a few girls have to pay back. That's the law. And it can be SO embarrassing & fun as well. 

And I love to contextualize a picture with a nice story!

For all the VIPs, it comes with Friday afternoon shoplifter, The report card, Smoke and fire. Lucky you!
Two pictures with a little text, and one that doesn't need it at all. 




  1. Bonjour Alex,

    Eh oui, la sévérité des tantines n'est pas légendaire. Elle ne passent sur aucun écart de conduite. Gardiennes redoutables des bonnes traditions.
    L'infortunée nièce est dépitée...
    Eh oui, Tantine est souveraine en son royaume !
    "Qui aime bien châtie bien " disait ma Maman. C'est tout dire...
    Bonne Fête du Travail.
    (anecdote HS : dans la religion celte, le jour du 1er mai dans notre calendrier marquait le début de l'été car il ne reconnaissait que deux saisons.
    Et le 1er novembre débutait l'Hiver. Parenthèse.)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for letting me know!

      ( and a very nice blog you own ; )

  3. My apologies for the very belated reply

    I always love your female versions but I realize I'm the minor part of the blog's fanbase.

    California dreaming: Fun title that suits the scene. Excellent picture, the furniture, clothing, big plate and colour scheme setting out that past feeling. The confident aunt, the laughing faces through the window (Shasta is lucky her front of skirt isn't rolled up too!), the red bottom draws the eye thanks to the way her pale skin and her clothing (the rolled up skirt and the panties just below.)

    Nice story. Using the sense of California cool, how people there are perceived and that the young can ignore warnings about people they idealize. Good use of shattered dreams, some nice turns of phrase like the wildfire, good touches like the smell of ciggerate and sun-baked palm.

    From the preview picture, report card girl has really good worried eyes, she knows what is coming (or what I guess is coming).

    1. … and another VERY belated reply to thank you for this comment.
      (somehow I'm not notofied anymore of all comments on my page)

  4. There is a new Barb site