Friday, September 14, 2018

Barbara O'Toole : NEW Portfolio 16 (spanking, medical, regression...)

This is the new set of pictures by Barbara O'Toole, a few are among her very best I think. It's a very diverse set, as you can guess looking at the teaser: 

To make a donation and add these 10 new pieces to your collection, just write directly to her :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

Once you have these pictures, don't hesitate to comment below, I love to know which ones are your faves and why! 

And meanwhile, what about my creations you may ask? What the hell I am doing when Barbara creates two wonderful series in a row? 
Well, I haven't done that much, but one picture is actually just finished, in good definition (600ko). Do you remember this old picture " As for me and my house... "  and the " Family & Values Magazine " serie? This is what is inspiring me these days...
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, you may just browse the old pages until then, there are a few exciting pictures I had forgotten. And who knows? The update may come sooner than you expect! : )

Have a nice week-end!



  1. Hello Alex! My favorites are the second and fourth down on the left, and the fourth and fifth down on the right. As for my favorite I'm having a hard time choosing between excuses excuses, and attention to detail. In excuses excuses I love the shocked look on the boys mother's face as she points her finger accusingly at him, and how his penis (which is the same size as her finger lol) is pointing right back at her. And in attention to detail I love how there are at least 5 middle aged females painting a butt naked teenage boy (the lady in the bottom left seems to have the best view lol) and I love the smirk on the face of the lady in the top left(If you trace her eyeline you can see she's staring right at his butt lol).

  2. Bonjour Alex,

    Ca fait plaisir de te revoir. Après des vacances bien méritées, j'imagine...
    Eh voilà,, une nouvelle année laborieuse qui redémarre. C'est la rentrée des garnements !!! Et gare, à la maitresse ! Elle adooooore fesser les paresseux !
    Visiblement, la rentrée "en section maternelle" (jeu de mots! )se passe avec quelques recadrages... maternels. Merci pour ces pépites.
    Bon Dimanche. Charles.

  3. Oh my! Several of Barbara's new works sure hit home, particularly the 4th and 5th ones on the right. If Barbara was present she could have just as well took of a photo of me and captured the scenes almost exactly. With the 5th, that goes back to my teenage years. One summer day at the doctor's I was stark naked as the nurse had me get up on the scale for height and weight measurements just as the receptionist walked in with a clipboard. As the two women talked and smirked while I blushed for what seemed like an eternity, I not only noticed that the receptionist left the door wide open but that a widely grinning, giggling female classmate (who had the same doctor as I) and her likewise grinning mom were sitting in the waiting room with a perfect view of the proceedings. The 4th work on the right depicts, unfortunately for me, a much more recent and far more humiliating event of mine. Let me just admit from the start that I have a few embarrassing medical issues and that my younger cousin Jessica is always after me to take better care of myself. She's also the only family member I have in the area and I really do appreciate her well-intentioned actions, just not always in how she goes about it. At the same time she's more than just a bit domineering, not the least bit concerned about my embarrassment by attending my doctor appointments/exams and insisted last year that I wear adequate protection on the way home from pelvic floor therapy in case I had an accident in her car. My female therapist and a female trainee who was also in the room that day were more than happy to oblige as Jessica stood there overlooking me. Not something I'll ever live down for sure. Thankfully, never got a paddle like in the other scenes but did get the butt thermometer treatment (3rd down on the left) from a grinning nurse when I was an older teenager and regularly when I was much younger. Since the last prior time to that was pre-puberty I was quite ashamed. But at least only my face was red.

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  5. love the second one down from the top on the right... totally naked and trying to hide in the couch. Looks like he'll be bare for quite a while, too, and with so many witnesses >:)

  6. I think in the 2nd pic on the left he has been allowed to masturbate to computer images but only those chosen and allowed by his Mother. He is trying to rather unwisely negotiate with Her by saying he is looking at Barbara O'Toole femdom pictures. Femsup

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  8. Standing in the bedroom, is one that strikes home. My wife awhile back gave me a spanking and then to my shock had to put on my pajamas, it was one in the afternoon. I was in the bedroom, heard another voice and it was my mother-in-law. She was soon looking at me along with my wife, have you been a naughty little boy she said with a smile and not wanting another spanking I said yes and Mommy spanked me. My wife then said sternly to the kitchen, I stood facing the wall, the bottoms of my pajamas around my ankles. They talked, had coffee, and when asked about “Mommy” my wife told her mother when boys are naughty is it not the Mommy who punish them. Her mother agreed. Jack