Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Barbara O'Toole's portfolio 22

No lockdown for such pretty scenes of human dramas, Barbara's new wonderful art is out : )
Again much attention on the choice of characters, their attitude and facial expression... 
Especially on the " Soccer Mom ". So many characters with a different attitude on the background. The addition of all details creates a whole credible scene where it's easy to understand what just  happened (I'm currently trying to create something similar in a public swimming pool. Not easy, but still working on it).

By contrast, I also appreciate the simplicity of  " Same Time Tomorrow ", with a very young babysitter offerering her (cruel) services.
But my favorite may be " Dorm Room Inspection ". The rebel boys have been collecting too many reasons to see that horrible day coming

What is your favorite this time?
To make a donation and add these 10 new great pieces to your collection, just write directly to Barbara :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

Looks like it is already my turn to post my new pictures here !
Thank you Barbara for giving me inspiration

Take care you all !



  1. Bonjour ma préférée est l image n 3 j ai une tendance pour les images médicales. Toutefois j ai du mal à m imaginer le contexte de celle ci. La n 2 et la dernière sont aussi très humiliantes. Pour la n 2 on imagine la honte d être fessée par une jeune devant sa mere ou grand mère et la dernière peut être à t il volé les sous de l églises si c est le cas cette histoire ne pouvait pas rester sans conséquences. Merci pour cette image mais aura t on bientôt vos nouvelles images et sur qu elle sujet travaillez vous si c est pas indiscret :) ? Je suis juste trop impatient comme tout vos vip je suis sur :)

    1. Bonjour!
      Merci du commentaire sur les photos de Barbara.
      En ce moment je travaille sur une photo en piscine publique, et j'aimerais en faire une autre de régression forcée, un peu comme celle du parc dans la dernière série. On verra bien ce qu'il en sort!

  2. So many good ones this time! As for my favourite, I can't decide between bottom right (imagine being spanked and humiliated in front of all those strict church ladies) or middle-bottom-right (cuddling into Mommy's boobies after/during a sound spanking from Nanny...)

    1. Not my choice, but a very good choice anyway : )
      Thank you for the feedback

  3. Top right, the two women could by my wife and mother-in-law congratulating one for the spanking they gave me. Over the knee spankings, been there, my mother-in-law spanks harder and longer. Jack

    1. Well on the full size picture, the Lady on the right may be well too young to be your wife I guess : )

    2. Having been spanked, and two females congratulating one another means both gave this male a spanking. Jack

  4. Related to Barb's wonderful works, has anyone else noticed she seems to have been censored from Google? If you do a search for "barb art spanking" on Google images, you'll see very little of her work in the results. In contrast, go to Bing and search using the same terms, they show a ton of results from Barb. I noticed this a few months ago and have wondered what happened to cause this on Google.