Friday, July 24, 2020

Naughty young ladies - BARB's portfolio #23 is out !!

I sincerly hope you are all well ! : )

No Covid and masks in this virtual place, so we can fully admire the facial expressions of these young ladies in distress.
It's not only about these young persons, I truly love Barbara's exquisite work to make the adults in charge look satisfied / determined / strong, and the eyes of witnesses shinning with mockery (plus a little sadistic twist)

It's this attention to details (including vintage clothes, haircuts...) that make me gaze at these pictures for minutes like I'm inside a - pervy - museum) 

Actually, now that I'm thinking of it, I'd love to see these pictures in one wing of a prestigious museum, as a temporary exhibition. After all, it says something about our society and 
the past decades. What would be the reactions of the visitors? It would be worthy a thousand photographs and another exhibition I guess ^^

Anyway, it's only about punished naughty young ladies here, and I forgot how exciting it can be when it's done THIS way.
You can add this set to your collection if you write directly to : b_o2l AT


And what about my pictures, you may ask? Between two sets, many of you have sent me worried messages, afraid that I won't post anymore. And again, I will post again : ) I'm pretty sure the VIP people will receive new pictures next month.
Boys in trouble, spanking, the glorious return of the Balls Pacifier , and more : )

Take care,


AleX ( - and Barbara : )


  1. Nice. I particularly like the one where it looks like her brother is watching. And the swimsuit one.

    NGL I kinda wished there was more female stuff done on this blog. Particularly in recent years it seems particularly lacking.

    Glad to see that you haven't forgotten about the smaller part of your fan base that is more drawn to females in embarrassing situations ;).

  2. Taken to the woodshed, that is the worse. This male has been taken to the woodshed, my wife and I live on a farm. She felt the spankings needed to be with more meaning. There is nothing worse than leaving the wood shed, bare from the waist down, she holding her pants, underpants, and feeling the sting of the paddle back to the house, nothing worse than that, unless being seen, and have had that happened more than once.