Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chastity and good education


  1. delcious control, humiliation, Womanhood.

  2. I enjoy the laughing woman outside the window. That would be me if I saw something like that. Ha Ha!

  3. humiliating, painful embarrassment and then the promise of an ebony brush spanking. ouch. lucky guy

  4. Thank you for the feedback Myster, Julie, Tommy

    It's obviously more embarrassing when there are witnesses around. Think of it: the most embarrassing moments in your life had people you know and didn't know watching it. So I should add people in the upcoming pictures

  5. Harriet Marwood's GranddaughterJanuary 2, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    The Mammone's smiling, laughing, gloating, taunting witnesses: his ex-girfriend; his present GF - chosen by Mother of course; his female boss; his most hated female coworker; his female rival at work. Mother invites one of the last two, or both, if he has earned a Special Punishment.
    He has been begging Mamma for the last 2 hrs to be spared this latest shaming treatment. By the time the guest or guests arrive, he is in hysterics, crying out as if his special spanking had already started!

  6. Very nice picture again Alex! Obviously a Mommy who knows how to control and discipline a very naughty boy. I am sure she will take her time and he will be bawling and crying long before the spanking starts. After the tears are falling Mommy will put him over her knee and go to work on his tender white bottom cheeks and upper thighs, first by hand and then with the hair brush. Mommy will be quite satisfied when she sees his bottom turning nice and red and bouncing up and down on her lap, him bawling loudly legs kicking, but she will have a firm grip on him and he will not be going anywhere until she is completely satisfied he has been properly punished. His older Sister watching in the window enjoying the show very much, knowing that when Mom told her to watch, that his discipline will be her responsibility when Mom is away. She will be looking forward to carrying out her disciplinary responsibilities the same way Mom taught her.

  7. I love the chastity ring theme!
    I love the idea of a young man being stripped completly naked in front of female neighbors and family members.And having a chastity ring put on him in a public ceremony

    Or a young man being stripped completly naked by his bride at a feminist style wedding [or her bacholerette party] and having her put a chastity ring on his penis , as the women in the crowd all cheer and applaud

    With the man having to serve drinks and snacks to his female friends,neighbors and family members wearing only a chastity ring

  8. Dammit... 2 years after I realize I've never replied to you all !

    So sorry... I may get spanked for this ! : )

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