Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waiting for his excuses...

Such a shame to receive his first spanking ever at nineteen years old, in diaper position like a little boy : / 
But it was long overdue !!


  1. Nice picture again, a scene right out of the 50's. Mothers then new how to handle naughty boys, I know I had just such a Mother ;)

  2. Well, looks like you have some experience!
    Your input about these golden years will be appreciated : )

  3. Thanks Alex, there were so many good strong women in those days that ruled their homes well. The husbands were out earning a living, and the women were in charge of the home. I had so many friends at school saying that their Dad doesn't spank but Mom sure does. My Mom had a wooden paddle made from an old roof shingle that was about 2" wide at the handle end and 3" wide at the business end and 1/4" thick. I would have to drop my pants and undershorts and go over her lap, boy would that paddle hurt, I would kick and squirm and cry, but to no avail, she would keep on paddling until it seemed forever. Looking back, I deserved every swat she gave me, and probably many more if the truth were only known, too bad more of that does not go on today!

    Having said all that I so enjoy your depictions of days I remember so well..... keep up the good work, love your real life pictures.

  4. Hi Alex, I am surprised she waited so long before spanking him! However 'better late than never' !
    To be spanked ,nude, in the diaper position is very embarrassing and I think he is turned away because of that and because he is a cry baby and is shedding tears!
    I assume the spanking in the diaper position will be followed by her putting him in diapers for the day!

  5. Yes Dave, I plan to keep making most pictures in the 50s setting : )
    If you have interesting pictures from that time that don't reveal your privacy, you can send them to me and I may work on it for my upcoming pictures

    Diane : forced regression is often implied in my pictures indeed. Long time I haven't worked properly on it!

  6. I was raised in the 50's by a no nonsense woman who spanked all of us well into our teen years (I was 17 the last time I was over her knee and one of my older sisters got one at 19 for drinking at her prom). Love your work and it is comforting to know so many of your readers were treated the same way. Thanks

  7. Doesn't even have to be the 50s. I am reminded of a friend of mine who was raised by a stern mother who did not hesitate to get the brush out. This was in the 80s. All of his friends new of his mother and what happened. Heck most of us were afraid of her because we too were threatened by her if we got out of line.

    Well he went off to college and started working. But the mid-90s found him back living with his stern mother do to economic circumstances. And she enforced the rules just like she did when he was a kid.

  8. I only learned about the proper status of women/boys in a happy, well regulated home, when fully adult. Now it isnt unusual at all to stand naked before any of my wifes female relations for a lecture and punishment. Ive been shaved, diapered, irrigated and of course spanked many times and wouldnt have it any other way.

  9. my god, how i love no nonsense, disciplinary Women!

  10. To all : if you want to send me pictures in the spirit of this page, use my mail, no need to reply here. Thank you!