Thursday, January 5, 2012

Leave it to the pros !


  1. Bonjour Alex, et bonne annee,
    Your picture speaks volumes-this young man is going to get his bottom well spanked.
    Your ideas are the answer parents have sought for a while in recent times- a Nanny! Further
    more a well trained Nanny, able to deal with these badly behaved 18 to 21 or more year olds ,who cannot be trusted not smoke, drink or even invite young women into the house when you go out!
    It even enables parents to go away for 'Le Weekend' and fulfill their desire to have a Romantic weekend ,in Paris perhaps ,without worrying about the young men left at home.
    The Nanny must be able to deal with all sorts of trouble and administer a hard spanking with a paddle ,the cane or that special French creation -the martinet! Punishment must be given on the bare botttom of course and they must not be surprised to see him in an 'excited state' and know how to deal with it. A small ruler comes in handy ! This problem is likely to occur when he is being punished by Grounding for a couple of weeks or more!
    Nanny must discuss with parents any special requests for punishing him -such as diapers after smacking his bottom , another spanking on the following day or rubbing on that 'special lotion' they apply after spanking!
    Best wishes, Diane

  2. Merci : )
    This is what I had in mind indeed. I know some parents, and I think this business would have some customers ; )

    Special request such as diapers and lotion on the bottom were planned in the upcoming picture, I had a perfect nanny for that but I realised the silly virus I had on my computer months ago erased this picture among others. Bah.

    1. Lotion and diapers in the hands of a nanny? That would be great - can it be revived?

  3. A lovely occupation, that is in great demand, I'm sure. I agree that she should also be sure to diaper him after the spanking

  4. great piece of art here. brings back some real experiences i had in mid teens with a neighborhood girl my mom used to leave in charge of me when she and my sister had to go out shopping or some social thing. she usually found a reason to give me a good spanking and i usually agreed that it was necessary. a very nice job.

  5. I love the picture here, she looks like a very capable young Lady ready to give a naughty boy the discipline he deserves. Growing up in the 50's spanking was a very common thing, I had a cousin that looked much like this young lady at the time. She and I use to spank each other, of course for us it was all in fun. I remember very well, she would have me take my pants and undershorts down and bend over her lap. Most of the time she would spank me by hand, but a few times she took off my belt and used it, by the time she was finished, my bottom was usually good and red. Of course then it was her turn to be spanked...... what fond memories.

  6. Looks like she is going to give a hide tanning! Love the picture.

  7. This is a gorgeous picture, it typifies the moments I experienced in the late fifties and early sixties. Sat down watching would be the girls waiting for the removal of the underpants. “Embarrass him and spank him hard watch and learn girls”

  8. I love the baby girl style panties he's wearing? Fawn