Thursday, May 10, 2012

Educated by Grandma (1962)


  1. Grandma knows what to do with a naughty boy's bare bottom!


  2. Yes! Please include more older matrons doing the humiliating and punishing! Great work!

  3. Its not just a boy's naughty bottom that needs the attention of a hairbrush, his dangley bits need a hard smacking as well, then sercured in a tight restraint for a day or two.
    I wish he was mine!

  4. There is no way this disrespectful boy should be allowed clothing for at lease the entire weekend. He needs to be put under strict supervision. Its a lot of work for Grandma but best for all in the long term. He should be given total attention until his shame settles in and he realizes his status. This boy must be shorn of his body hair and given several difficult enemas, bathed roughly and kept on display. From now on, as he has exhibited lack of self control, any masturbation must be strictly regulated and supervised. Bad boy.

  5. What's a boy to do...the last girl his age in the village is now married, so what is he gonna do????
    It doesn't matter how many times grandma spanks him, he will still play with himself when he thinks he has a chance. Right boys???

    1. Granny caught him with those awful magazines, stark naked and very excited in his farmhouse bedroom. Boy, was he embarrassed! But she had him standing up, hands by sides before he knew it! A dressing down...and then you know what! With a hairbrush, the way she did it with his father and uncles. First standing up and seeing his apparatus bounce around, then over her knee. So...a very red and sore bottom. But that's not all, not by any means. 'Cause Granny rather likes the look of this 21 year old unmarried sissy, likes to see him in his birthday suit. So she will confiscate his clothes for the weekend. That means the poor lad sitting down to eat with her and doing the washing up, all stark naked. Too bad if the female cousins - 15, 17 and 19 - drop round as planned! He'll be serving afternoon a blushing state of nature. And I guess in a state of some excitement.

  6. Afternoon tea? Female cousins? Him naked? Or in a "Frilly French Maid uniform? Z fantastic time? " priceless" and Zee sexy too! Roseanna.