Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Denounced by his sister

Wicked angel ?


  1. Absolutely charming scenario. It should be common in every home. His lovely sister looks old enough to share Mother's responsibilities.

    A "good boy" needs regular strict Discipline, too. Or he'll surely grow Naughty and Obstreperous.

    Domestic Discipline like this is the foundation of my blog. I'm glad you share its philosophy.

  2. Nice picture Alex, one can conjure up all sorts of scenario's from that..... love it! Mom demonstrating how she wants Daughter to handle her Brother's discipline when she is not present. Mom teaching a new bride how to handle her son's discipline when they are married. I can think of many others, but you probably have also :)


  3. Thank you!
    I had a precise scenario in mind, but I've only put the basic lines and left the rest to the imagination of others

  4. Look at the sweet "demure" look on daughter's face. All innocent and, yes Mom, he did sneak into my room, and are you going to punish him??? (that's so nice)

    To herself....love to see him punished. hehehehe

  5. love the betrayal aspect, the injustice implied, as well as the behavior modification

  6. Alex, I love your manipulations. It's so rare to find an artist whose stuff speaks straight to one's fantasies. You have a deliciously wicked taste in scenarios. My favourites are the pieces featuring powerful-looking mothers or sisters in domestic dress, with bare arms, conspiring together or looming over red-bottomed spankees. I explore similar themes in a different style in the group linked to my name. Colin

  7. Thank you very much Colin : )
    I have more of this kind half-finished.
    I'll check the group you mentionned