Friday, May 11, 2012

Evil pictures, but big size this time

Someone asked me what was the magazine in the entry just below this one.
So, this is the evil magazine that caused this unfortunate man so much trouble !

You can contact me (top left of this page) when you have requests like that, I don't bite!  



  1. Alex,you are a genius! For years after the departure of the WHAP website, I have searched for a site that combined the flavor of mid-fifties domestic discipline with the sort-of wholesome femdom that has no use for dungeons and torture...this is real life female led material that keri Pentauk and Barb O'Toole excelled at. I have been on your site for hours and still return to some of these wonderful photos and stories. You are the BEST!!

  2. I'm glad you got lost here for hours!
    I have lots of new material half-done but I lack time to finish it. Testimonies like your are the reason I sometimes put some energy in it.
    Rest assured the upcoming stuff will still be on the same vibe ; ) This place is 100% free from dungeons and leather