Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I sometimes have doubts that NOTHING can exceed the speed of light.
Just give a bit of very embarrassing information to some women (with the ritual condition “just between me and you right”, which seems just more exciting to some) and observe how fast it spreads in the neighborhood

I have noticed some pro-dommes propose “ public humiliation ”

I live just next to the best old bakery in this city, I go there almost everyday to buy some bread. I noticed the 2 young women who serve there. How patient they are with some grandmothers who take ages to order just to discuss more with the people there! How bored they sometimes look to repeat the same things 1000 times per day with a forced smile... And how they quickly exchange a look of complicity when someone they don't like enter the bakery, or when they hear something indiscrete between customers. Then I suspect how unpatient and cruel they can be when the customer leaves the place

Could I just pay a Pro domme who is very good at role play just to tell them a few words in my back?

She would be in the queue behind me. Just seconds after I leave she would say something like “ Oh my God!! Is this guy a regular customer here? (laughs) He lives in this street now? Really? No way!! I know him from University. He must be in his thirties now and is still virgin. He is sweet but he must be SO desperate. Just my two cents: if he tries to discuss a bit with you and smile just cut it out. (laughs) Believe me: better send him packing before he starts daydreaming and bores you to death. Yes this bread there please. Thank you. Byyyye ”

And from now on, everytime I'll go buy my bread, I'll see these 2 women exchanging a quick look and refraining from laughing ^^ , and they'll think I have no idea why.

How you hate it when people mock you or despise you in real life. But if it is something you provoke in a certain way, it looks so exciting. 
How bizarre.

What do you think?


  1. i love it. the humiliation of others knowing that you are spanked. i wonder if they are going to try and get invited over to watch it in person or who knows even take part. PLease keep them coming. I love the fantasy of before and after even more than the spanking itself. (Which really hurts)

    1. The before and after are so interesting indeed : )

      I was rather thinking that one of these women witnessed something from the window at night, which involves a man who has a big social status in the city.
      Or, they just heard what truly happens with one of their uncles.
      But I didn't consider they could get directly involved, I imagine them rather disgusted with these practices
      Just my vision of this : )

  2. Bonjour Alex, Gossiping is part of life-especially for the ladies. Often just a phrase oveheard can be turned into a good story about a person. I think it is like the old game played at parties etc called of course
    Chinese whispers!
    This can be very amusing as the story changes as one person whispers the story to the next in line etc, then at the end the original and final stories can be compared.The results are often amusing and salacious! Diane