Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just married

The day her life changed drastically

( and his life too, but he doesn't know yet ! )

It's also a clin d'oeil to the inspiring pages of Strict Julie's blog, who was one of the first to " link " me. And her spontaneous comments such as for " As if he hadn't been warned..." sound so witty and familiar...
Anyway, cheers to all who add something sincere, dark and personal in the impersonal porn on the web !


  1. Thank you, alex! I love visting your blog. Your images are always so wonderfully humiliating for the young man involved. I imagine myself in the womans' shoes all the time, and love imagining the young man squirm!

    1. Merci. It's good that everybody can picture himself or herself in the pictures, it means that it is realistic somehow. If I was doing movies instead of pictures, I'm sure you wouldn't have to push too far your nature to be these unfortunate boys' tormentor : )

  2. Alex: I totally agree that real life spankings and descriptions of lifestyles well surpass any fiction or porn.
    bottoms up
    (I am enjoying reading your blog)

  3. I love the idea of there being a magazine like that!
    I love the idea of normal everyday women discovering the concept of Female Supremacy or being converted to it by a female friend or neighbor. And for the wife and/or mother to hold a family meeting where she announces that her family is going to be a Female Supremacist Family from now on. Much to the discomfort of her husband and son[s] And much to the pleasure of her daughter[s]

    I like everyday domestic settings where the women rule and the males obey. That is why i love your artwork so much. I love that you use everyday domestic settings